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FALL Back into Love

Yes, summer is sadly over. Although we all try to hold it off as long as possible, the fall is coming. But the faster we accept it, the more fun we can have. Especially when the fun involves good-looking prospects. Here are some fun fall date idea’s to do with your new crush.

Wine Tasting or Brewery: Sometimes people our age think going on wine tastings are for older men and women. But wine tastings are for all ages. And lets face the music, sometimes when you first start dating someone, it can be hard to break the ice. Wine tastings provide conversation for you and help “loosen” a reserved person up.

Pumpkin Picking: Pumpkin picking is a great activity because it leads into a second date… carving the pumpkins! Don’t be afraid to get messy during this date. It will loosen you up. Your forced into a date where you can’t stay looking picture perfect. Trust me, that’s okay with guys. Take a hayride out to the patch and pick a couple of different sizes. You can set aside a couple to carve and paint the rest! Dig out the seeds in the pumpkins to bake and snack on during the activity!

Apple picking: Who doesn’t look forward this fall activity! Apple picking can be a great group date just in case you don’t feel comfortable being one on one with your man just yet. Take a tractor ride out to the fields to pick a bag! See if your orchard has a store that sells fun things like cider and cheese curds. Grab some mixes to make an apple pie with all the fruit you picked!

Take a walk: This may sound like a simple or boring date, but trust me it can work in your favor. Taking a walk in the fall is a beautiful thing. You have picturesque foliage to look at while you stroll. Taking a walk gives you time to really get to know your man. And if it’s chilly out, it gives him a chance to put his arm around you to keep you warm.

Plan a Couples Halloween Costume: This is one of the most fun things to do once you’re in a relationship. When the holiday roles around, its time to get creative girls! Be your favorite T.V. or movie couple, or go classic as Tarzan and Jane, he won’t be able to get his eyes off you!

Scary movie marathon: Watching any movie with your boyfriend is a fun excuse to cuddle up on the couch. But having it be a scary movie makes it ten times better. It gives your date a chance to feel like he can protect you and keep you safe in his arms. A great part of a relationship is knowing that you don’t always have to keep a conversation going. To be in each other’s presence is enough.  

So ladies, let’s embrace this Fall, and make the best out of what the weather gives us! Let’s take any chance these amazing activities give us to FALL Back into Love that we can!

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