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Eco-Chic: What’s in Your Hair?

Ahh the start of a brand new week here
at LMC! The leaves are beginning to change into beautiful colors and we’re all putting our boots and coats back on for another glorious fall season. I’m back again for more informative environmentally friendly beauty. The topic of this week is … HAIR CARE!

Every day ladies everywhere take care of their hair. Whether you’re shampooing, conditioning, or styling you’re trying to take care of your hair. Have you ever wondered what ingredients go into your shampoo in order to make it foam up? Or have you ever considered that not everything you put into your hair is good for it? Well I’m here to inform you all of some ingredients to look out for in your hair products. I now present a list of bad ingredients, which you all should to avoid:

1. Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate (SLS): These are both common ingredients that are used in engine degreasers, floor cleaners, and unfortunately many hair products. SLS is so common with hair care because it causes the product to foam up. They are damaging detergents that strip the hair of its natural oils leaving it brittle. SLS has also been proven to cause eye irritation, multiple allergic reactions, and hair loss. Overall SLS is harmful and you will definitely see it in many products out there!

2. Parabens: Attention every woman out there who cares about their hair! Parabens are not your friends! They are preservatives such as ethyl, methyl, and propyl. These are very common in most hair products such as many shampoos and conditioners. They are put into products in order to extend their shelf life. Not healthy at all! Watch out for these ingredients hiding in your hair products.

3. Synthetic Colors: Many hair products out there look very pretty in color, yet unnatural. The synthetic coloring in these products can cause allergy issues and also contains cancer-causing agents! This is mainly because they are derived from carcinogens such as coal tar. Now who wants all of that soaking into their pores?!

4. Synthetic Fragrances: On most every hair product bottle you will find “fragrance” listed as an ingredient. It’s crazy that these fragrances can contain up to 4,000 separate ingredients! Out of these the majority are synthetic. Due to these scents being unnatural they are more likely to give you allergic reactions such as skin irritation, skin discoloration, and even headaches. Try to find products that contain natural fragrances or even go with a product that is fragrance free!

Let’s all try to start purchasing healthier hair products because with doing so you can be a healthier person in general! Stop, question, and do care … think about your hair!

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