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Domestic Abroad: Washington DC

Hello HC Le Moyne Collegiettes™. I am a bit late (better late than never!), but this semester I am living in our nation’s capital, interning at Book Hill Partners! I have been here for a week and I was JUST able to settle in and get back to HC business!

Being originally from NYC and living in Syracuse for 3 years, I am very happy for this new scenary. Thus far, I love it! Not only are the memorials breath-taking, but the diversity and busy streets make me feel right at home. My goal this semester is to visit as many museums as I can, go kayaking on the Potomac River, meet new people and possibly make great connections, and whatever else comes with living the DC life (I dream of getting to meet/see Obama)!

Keep up with my blog and follow me through this journey as a tourist, a student, and an intern working 9 to 5 in the “real” world.


                      At the very spot M.L.K recited his speech!

Omairys, a born and raised New York City gal of the Dominican descent, is a motivated Communications/Advertising major, with a minor in English. She does not know what she will do with her Communications degree after graduation but is ambitious enough to hope it will be something promising, as this field has been her passion for as long as she could remember. She is actively involved on campus, as she is President of El Progreso, a multicultural organization that strives to raise awareness of the Latino community. She loves to travel: she has traveled to Kenya to work at The Nyumbani Program and will be interning at our nation's capital her senior year! She is hard working, and excited to bring change to her campus---Le Moyne.
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