Dolphy Day: Dos and Don'ts

Dolphy Day Dos and Don’ts 
  • Drink responsibly:


If you choose to drink during this day of debauchery, make sure you set a good pace for yourself. Don’t endanger your well being or that of others around you.

  •  Go to any tests you may have

​While we all know that the whole point of Dolphy Day is to skip all your classes, you may end up doing yourself more harm than good if you miss a big test or don’t hand in an important assignment. Make sure you know your professor’s Dolphy Day policies so you avoid taking a huge hit to your GPA. 

  • Make sure you eat throughout the day: 

When dealing with something as exciting as Dolphy Day, sometimes it can be hard to remember to take care of your body when you’re having fun with your friends. Make sure to fuel up on food and hydrate (with WATER) regularly, especially if you want to avoid a hangover. 

  • Wear your wristband: 

Make sure you get your specific dorm building’s wristbands before the big day. Don’t make the mistake of getting locked out of your dorm building.

  • Know the rules: 

In order to make the most of Dolphy Day, you should read up on the rules and regulations. Two especially important ones to remember are to always tape any clear containers you may be using, and not to go back into your dorm until your cup is empty. 

  • Getting blackout drunk: 

While many people know of Dolphy Day as a day of drinking however much you want, you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself. No one likes that guy. This is especially important because you want to make sure you remember Dolphy Day; after all, it’s one of the best parts about going to Le Moyne.

  • Feel like you have to drink: 

​ If you aren’t into alcohol, don’t let people pressure you into feeling like you have to partake in drinking. Dolphy Day is just as fun when you’re sober. Partake in the many different activities going on in the quad, hang out with your friends, and enjoy the warm weather!

  • Wearing clothes you don’t want to get dirty: 

Dolphy Day is a primarily outdoor event. There will most likely still be mud on the ground, and lots of fun outdoor activities happening! Don’t wear a nice dress or a crisp white t-shirt, because chances are you’ll rip them, spill something on them, or fall and get them dirty. 

  • Damage property: 

​When people get destructive, it ruins the fun for everyone. This also makes the administration upset, and chances are they will get stricter with the rules of Dolphy Day and nobody wants that. Be respectful

Overall, Dolphy Day is something everyone looks forward to. So fellow dolphins, be safe, have fun and we’ll see you there!