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Where are you originally from?: Tully, NY.

Haha, is that where Tully’s came from?

Since you are no longer a student at LMC, are you still going to school?:      I am! I’m currently studying for my Master’s at SU.

Awesome! What are you studying?: Social Work.

So how long were you a RA, and how long have you been a RD?: I was a RA for 3 years, and this is my 3rd year being a RD.

Nice! And where are you a RD now?: Mitchell, the Townhouses, and The Heights.

Cool! So, What’s your favorite thing about LMC?: The people! They’re so welcoming and nice!

So, let me guess what you’re favorite thing about working for LMC is…?: Ha, you got it! The people, of course! They really are great! That’s why I’ve been here for 7 years!

Haha, I gotcha! What’s the most challenging thing you face while working here?: Umm…balancing work, school, and my internship.

Oh, an internship? Where and what for?: I’m interning as a Counseling Intern at Cortland State.

Awesome! So, we all know you’re really involved with the Breast Cancer Walks, tell us about it!: Well, for the past 5 years, I’ve been in charge of the Making Strides Walk, but this year one of my RAs is doing it! So, this year I’m in charge of the Run For Their Life Walk!

Wow! That’s great! I’m sure tons of students will go! There’s always such a great turn out!

Now, taking you back to when you were a student…What was your favorite thing to do on campus?: Going to the dining hall with friends.

What about off campus?: Spending time with my family.

What were your favorite events on campus?: Well, the Breast Cancer Walks, of course! But also, Bingo, and Casino night!

Alright! Time for some fun facts! What is your favorite music/song right now?: I like country music, and anything by Lady Antebellum!

What’s your favorite holiday and why?: CHRISTMAS! I love all the holiday parties, decorating, and cutting down christmas trees!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?: Italy! That way I could try all the different Italian foods!

You said you like spending time with your family. What’s your favorite thing to do with them?: I love going on vacations, to the beach, traveling, and shopping!

What are your favorite colors?: Pink, Purple, and Green!

What is one of your short term goals?: To finish my Master’s.

What about a long term goal?: Well, eventually to become a college counselor! (Maybe even here at LMC, haha!)

Are there any other fun facts you would like to share?: Well….I’ve been skydiving! Oh! And I’m scuba-certified!

HA! That’s awesome! So you’re Ms. Scuba-Steve?!: Haha, I guess you could say that!

Well, for the last question…How do you feel being a HC Campus Celebrity?: I’m so excited!!!

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