Countdown to AHS Season 6

We’re less than 24 hours away from one of the most anticipated season premieres of the fall. American Horror Story season 6 is scheduled to begin September 14th, 10pm.

The only issue… we still have no clue what the theme is. There has been a series of trailers released, but only one is the true trailer. The only hint that the public has is that the season will be called “The Mist” after Rotten Tomatoes accidentally leaked the title. The trailers, teasers or not, all live up to the AHS creepiness that we’ve come to love.

So what will season 6 be? Here are a few themes that we’re hoping for:

The thread tying seasons 1-5 together.

Ryan Murphy has said before that all of the seasons of AHS are connected, but fans still aren’t 100% sure what he means. We did see the overlap between Asylum and Freak Show, Pepper was checked into Briarcliff. Hopefully season 6 can tie more of the stories.

Charles Manson

AHS writers have denied connecting the show to the Manson case, but it would definitely make for a thrilling season. Hotel did a nod to serial killers on the Halloween episode, so it doesn’t make the Manson case seem all that far fetched.

Children of the Corn-esque

Quite a few of the trailers had the same theme of a cornfield. This could be creepy kids, aliens, or strange creatures.

A nod to Stephen King

If season 6 is in fact titled “The Mist” perhaps it’ll be inspired by the Stephen King novel turned film. If this is the theme, all of the spider references would make so much more sense.

All questions will be answered tomorrow night and we can’t wait!