Campus Celeb:Jeremiah Deep 15'

Class: 2015
Hometown: Frankfort, NY
Major: Communications
Campus Involvement: Co-President of LCTV, Campus Ministry, WLMU, Le Moyne Makes Movies 
LCTV is the college television station. Each week we produce different 
segments of Le Moyne News, sports, movies, and interesting topics of 
discussion. The station is student run and our content can be found on our 
youtube page. Just search LCTV.
Being Co-President of LCTV is something I wanted for a long time. It is a lot 
of fun and also very rewarding. I enjoy working with my co-president Delaney 
Lawrence and the rest of the crew. Everybody brings so much energy and 
enthusiasm and I really enjoy being around everyone.
I have a weekly two-hour radio show at WLMU with LMC students Chris LeFever 
and Eric Belair. This is the third year we have all done a show together. Our 
show is all about sports and we mostly talk about the hottest topics in sports that 
week. We cover the NFL, NBA, MLB, college football and basketball too. I love 
being on air with Chris and Eric because they love sports and share the same 
passion that I do for it.
I am the co-anchor of Sports Talk with my roommate Chris LeFever on LCTV. 
Each week we cover all the Le Moyne sports in season.
Being apart of Le Moyne makes movies was really fun and difficult at the same 
time. I enjoyed working with the rest of the cast and crew. Everyone was so 
helpful of one another and it was fun to form relationships with everyone for a 
month and a half. There were many days and weekends that were long and 
seemed like they would never end. Overall the experience was great and I would 
not trade it for anything.
I was mainly doing back stage stuff. I helped out the lighting guys set up lights, 
covered windows to make rooms darker for certain scenes and helped to carry 
equipment from set to set. I also was an extra for a couple of scenes which is 
really cool. It will be funny to see myself in the movie at a random point.
The balancing act is very tough. I wanted all of these responsibilities and extra 
curricular activities. Even though it is not easy I embrace everything and take it 
all in because it is a valuable learning tool that will help make me a better person 
down the road.
Men’s group, Lacrosse, Radio show, Eating pizza
Favorite piece of advice:
My favorite piece of advice comes from my dad. He always tells me to help 
somebody everyday. I always try my best to do that or else he will really get on 
my case about it. Whether it is holding the door for somebody, saying hi to a 
stranger, or helping to carry something for someone I try to do something small 
each day to help someone.