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Campus Celeb: Victoria Miguel ’15

Meet Victoria!


Victoria Miguel is a senior here at Le Moyne majoring in communications and is

working as the head audio engineer for the Script to Screen project, Business

Affairs.“When I was first asked to join the project I thought I would just be assisting in

post production, but it was a real honor to find out that I was actually head audio

engineer.” Although Victoria is very excited to work on this film, she admits it is

a challenge to juggle school, work, and this production. But she enjoys being

busy despite the lack of sleep it causes. Victoria doesn’t only work at the library

as well as a communications work-study (in the editing lab), but she also has

five back-to-back classes from 10am to 7pm every Tuesday and Thursday.

Plus she prepares for the project every Friday and does filming every

Saturday and Sunday.

The director of Business Affairs is actually Victoria’s roommate, Delaney

Lawrence. “Having the director as my roommate, I feel, has made us closer. I

mean, we’ve been rooming together since freshman year so our relationship has

always been strong, but now that we have similar responsibilities this semester

we can understand each other’s venting and what the other is going through.”

“I’ve always been a huge fan of anything audio.” Victoria spent her summer here

in Syracuse making radio commercials for Clear Channel Radio and declares

that audio is a passion of hers but she doesn’t plan on working in the film

industry. Her hope is to become a music producer so she’s steering towards the

music industry.

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