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Best Beauty Vloggers to Follow

Whether you’re an old pro at makeup or just starting out, we could all use a few more tips about new techniques and the best products. Here is a list to help those who are looking for the best beauty vloggers to follow on YouTube!

1. LustreLux 

LustreLux, aka Katy, is an extremely well known vlogger on YouTube, and for good reason. Girl. Is. Hysterical. With the help of her best friend/fellow vlogger Desi Perkins, husband Jon(ye West), and adorable pup Zoe, Katy’s antics will have you rolling on the floor laughing while also informing you about all the current trends in makeup.

2. Jaclyn Hill

Perhaps THE best-known beauty vlogger on YouTube, Jaclyn Hill is a former MAC makeup artist with a heart of gold. She always shows huge gratitude and support for her fan base. She is also creator of one of the most raved about highlighters on the market, Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics.

3. KathleenLights


Another famous beauty vlogger, Kathleen is also probably the most relatable person on YouTube. She truly talks to her subscribers like they are her best friends, and she can always be counted on to give her honest opinion about products she is reviewing. Kathleen is of Cuban descent, and has the best accent/expressions she will occasionally throw in her videos. She is also one of the only beauty vloggers who rarely wears fake lashes, which makes her looks a little more wearable. Kathleen also has quite a few collaborations out with Colour Pop Cosmetics and Ofra Cosmetics, so check them out!


4. Madison Miller


Madison is a lesser-known beauty vlogger for reasons I cannot fathom. She puts out new videos religiously and is constantly posting hauls and reviews of new product releases, so you know all about a product the second it is put on the market. She also always does lip swatches of any lip products she is reviewing, which is very helpful when you want to see what a product looks like on the lips. She does seem a little wary of criticizing products too much though, so use caution when buying something she doesn’t seem to like too much, as it may be even worse than she is letting on.



Laura is best known for her sweet Southern accent and adorable way of mispronouncing words. She always switches it up between high end and drugstore products, which is great for subscribers who may be on a budget. Laura is extremely passionate about what she does and it shows through her enthusiasm in her videos.



Alison is one of the very first YouTubers I subscribed to (JB stands for Jonas Brothers, by the way.) She is constantly switching up her look so there is something on her channel for everyone, whether it be bold, edgy looks or more natural, boho looks. While she hasn’t been putting out many new videos on her vlog channel recently, she has just ended a long running partnership with Maybelline so she can start using cruelty free products, because she is a vegan who is very vocal about her beliefs. The link above is to her personal channel, where she does tutorials and tips!


7. Batalash Beauty (Samantha)


Batalash Beauty is a channel comprised of multiple beauty bloggers, but my favorite/the only one I watch is Samantha. She’s from Canada and always tells it like it is. Be forewarned though, she swears a lot and is proud of it, so those who can’t take more vulgar language should probably steer clear. She is extremely talented and always talks through her videos in detail so even beginners can follow along.



Jackie is a younger beauty vlogger who is currently in college. She puts out lots of different beauty and hair videos and is also an aspiring singer. Her beauty/hair videos tend to have a few looks in each one, and they are usually inspired by a celebrity, such as Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, or Audrey Hepburn. Because of this, anybody can find something they want to try in each of her videos.


Alli looks like the lovechild of Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift. She is gorgeous, soft spoken and always gives amazing product recommendations. She is a little set in her ways, however, and tends to turn towards warm neutral eyes and pinky nude lips, so if that is your sort of thing, definitely give her a try!

10. Carli Bybel


Carli Bybel is one of the most sophisticated beauty bloggers you could follow. She has the perfect voice for talking through a tutorial and is always wearing the most gorgeous clothes. She has perfect hair that she is constantly doing tutorials with, and has a range of different makeup tutorials out so there is something for everyone.



iheartmakeup92, aka Liz Meghan, literally looks like a doll. She is on the more fair side, so those with very light skin and hair could definitely benefit from her tutorials. She is also very honest and upfront about her struggles with acne, and is always sharing skincare and makeup tips that have helped improve yours. She is always posting Get Ready With Me’s, in which she takes you through her routine from waking up to the finished outfit, hair, and makeup product.



Michelle is of Persian descent, so she has very striking Middle Eastern looks. You can usually find her rocking a brown lipstick and smoky eyes, which are perfect on her medium-toned skin. She is constantly doing hauls where she details and swatches every makeup item she has purchased with a few makeup and hair tutorials thrown in. Michelle is great about mixing it up between high-end and drugstore makeup. She is also very honest and enthusiastic about her product reviews, so you know when she absolutely hates or loves something.


This Michelle could not be more different from the one mentioned above. She is a very fair, blonde beauty vlogger with a very pronounced Irish accent. She has an extremely soothing voice and a neutral, minimalist filming set up which gives her videos a calming vibe. She also tends to stick to warm eye looks however, and usually only uses higher-end products, such as Charlotte Tilbury and Burberry.

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