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Remember the 2000’s? There was Hannah Montana, chokers, and Spy Kids. For some of us at HC Le Moyne, those are some of the best days of our lives. 

(If you didn’t have one of these you weren’t cool)

We love the 2000’s so much we decided we need to watch a Disney Channel Movie (DCOM) to relive the glory days.


Join us tonight so we can see our fave Ricky Ullman AKA Phil of the Future in Pixel Perfect!

(Admit you wanted to be her! Backflips and crimped hair!!)


(All images from Google.com)

Inez Timberger is currently one of two Campus Correspondents for HC Le Moyne! She is studying Communications with a strong focus in film and TV. Inez's life consists of everything pop culture and Netflix. She is also a part of LCTV, a student run TV news program, and Le Moyne Makes Movies. Inez enjoys fashion, makeup and healthy stuff. 
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