8 Signs You're A Grandma

The unfortunate truth of life is that we must get older. Our trends will disappear, our lingo will be out of style (for example does anyone actually say lingo anymore?), and our tolerances will change.

For some of us, aging is a slow and steady progress. We get time to accept it. The rest of us might have well just walked out the womb with a cane. If you’re unsure which category you fit into, here are some signs that you might just be a grandma.

1. Bedtime is 8:00

You’ve never quite had a tolerance for staying up late and are usually in bed by the time most of your friends start making plans. It’s a known fact that you’re a daytime kind of friend.

2. You Remember Blue’s Clues

That show with the blue dog, talking mailbox, and family of seasonings? Yeah the 20th Anniversary of that show was September 9th of this year. See any grays yet?

3. You Have A Bad Knee

Snap, Crackle and Pop are more than just a friendly bunch of elves in your mind. They are also the sound your legs make when you stand up, workout, walk, sit down, jump, and sometimes even when you do nothing. 

4. Your Email Address Still Ends in @aol.com

So the email address you give to serious employers and business transactions still includes some combination of x’s and o’s and the name of your favorite Spice Girl. It works, right? And it’s just way too much effort to create a new one.

5. You Always Feed Your Friends

Although you may not have the funds to stock your fridge like your own grandmother does, you still push cookies, pasta, juice, or anything else edible lying around the kitchen on your friends. They look skinny, right? They’ve got to be hungry!

6. You Know What VHS Tapes Are and Still Own a Ton of Them

Because they’ll make a comeback someday.

7. You’re Always Cold

If it’s 90 degrees outside and you still feel the need to wear a light jacket to protect yourself from “the breeze”, your circulation has already given up on you. Stock up on Snuggies.

8. When All of Your Favorite Things are From the 80s.

And you weren’t even alive in the 80s. You constantly find yourself saying, “What?! You don’t know __________?” and trying to convince people that we need to go back in time. Face it, you didn’t stand a chance of ever being your age and fitting in with your peers.


(All gifs from Giphy.com)