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7 Ways to Celebrate the End of the Semester

  • Go To Chipotle 

We at HC Le Moyne LOVE Chipotle. This year’s HC Summer Survival Kits gave us some amazing goodies, including BOGO gift cards to our fave restaurant. Even though you guys didn’t get any, you should grab some burritos and enjoy.  

  • Treat. Yo. Self. 

What better way to #celebrateyourself than to go online shopping! Boohoo.com gave us an exclusive coupon (30% off code: HERCAMPUS30) so we can shop to our hearts content. Boohoo, originally a UK brand, is branching out to the US with some cute summer styles.
  • Use All of Your Munch Money (in one go)

Now I know some of us (ME) have no munch money left, but if you do, go ahead and use it all up! You deserve that cookie and those fries and that smoothie for all the hard work you’ve put in this semester. 

  • Have a Sleepover 

Throw back to the 5th grade and invite a bunch of friends over and have a sleepover. Get your PJs on, check out the movies in the library (you’ll be surprised what you can find) and make some popcorn! 

  • Get some sun

    Whenever there is a warm, sunny day, take advantage!! Grab a blanket and a book or your laptop and relax. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen if you burn.
  • Pledge to Improve Yourself

Summer is a great time to improve yourself. There is so much free time that working out and summer reading are a must. Our HC Summer Survival Kit gave us coupons for CrunchLive.com, a really cool website that has videos of workouts so you can exercise anywhere! We have a coupon for a MONTH free (code: HERCAMPUS)!  

  • Make Money This Summer

    If you make jewelry, this is your summer to start a business! Chloe + Isabel, a fashion jewelery brand, wants to help you get your jewelry out there with GEM merchandising. Apply here: www.chloeandisabel.com/become-a-gem-merchandiser 

Inez Timberger is currently one of two Campus Correspondents for HC Le Moyne! She is studying Communications with a strong focus in film and TV. Inez's life consists of everything pop culture and Netflix. She is also a part of LCTV, a student run TV news program, and Le Moyne Makes Movies. Inez enjoys fashion, makeup and healthy stuff. 
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