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6 Steps to Dealing With Feelings for Someone in Your Last Semester of College

1. Acknowledge that it is happening 

It’s not the perfect time, but it’s also not the worst time in the world to have feelings for someone. What other time in your life are you going to be able to walk to see your SO? Savor this because you have so much time now that you won’t have in the future.

2. Find out more about the person 

You might think you have feelings for this person and then you start to get to know them and realize that you don’t have anything in common whatsoever and are completely unattracted to them. That’s perfectly fine! You may also find out that you have a lot in common and that you want to be with this person for the time that you have left at school and maybe for part of your future.

3. Forget about your “plan” 

I know, I know. You had your plan where you were a badass who didn’t need no man, and that’s worked out just fine for you. Guess what some really smart man once said “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.” It was John Lennon and I’m thinking he had a really good point here. Having a plan is great, especially when you’re a senior in college, but also remember that the plan doesn’t have to be everything.

4. Let yourself be happy 

If you look for a reason for it not to work out, I promise you will find one. So let yourself be happy with this person, at least just be happy that they are a part of your life right now, because who knows what the future holds?

5. Kiss them – if there isn’t chemistry there then maybe it isn’t worth it 

Sometimes a good makeout sesh is all you need to make a decision. Sometimes it makes things more complicated, but one thing that’s for sure is that it’s exactly what you want at that point in time.

6.  Enjoy this moment

This is the last time your life will be like this. Kiss the boy, laugh with the him, and enjoy each moment you get to spend together.


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