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12 Things to Remember When Watching Fuller House

On Friday, February 26th, all our dreams will come true. As a generation longing for our childhood back, a time of simple shows, we will be graced with 13 episodes of Full House. The long awaited Full House will return with the sequel Fuller House. Fuller House will pick up with DJ as a single mother to three boys seeking the help from her father, uncles, aunt, sister, and best friend. DJ similar to Danny Tanner in the original series is hesitant to accept help but soon realizes that love and support are the two cures for her current situation.


Here are 12 things to remember when watching Fuller House:


1. Danny Tanner also enlisted the help of his two best friends to raise his three daughter

Fuller House will focus on now grown-ups DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy. While the main plot will seem similar, we have been assured that Fuller House will focus on modern topics.

2. Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse have just celebrated 25 years of marriage

Only John Stamos and Lori Loughlin would tweet out reminding fans of their characters’ 25th wedding anniversary. Here is to all the lessons about love that these individuals taught us.

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley will not be coming back. They are too busy running a billion dollar fashion line.  

A nod to modern times, Michelle, will not be found on the revival but will be mentioned frequently. Michelle Tanner is too busy not letting her hates rule and probably enjoying a few cookies.

4. Steve is coming back (hopefully to win DJ back)

Whew. Was I the only one that was concerned that Steve had been killed off?

5. DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy will all be moving back into the Tanner household

Where else would you want to  live? As Kimmy says in the trailer, she has waited her entire life to call the Tanner residence home, but who hasn’t? Talk about love, chaos, and family.

6. Kimmy has her own teenage daughter

Kimmy will have her own love plot throughout Fuller House. Kimmy’s ex-husband is very much alive and still yearning to win back Kimmy. Let’s see how much like Kimmy her daughter truly is.

7. Nicky & Alex are grown-up

If we can’t have Michelle then I think Nicky & Alex are the best alternative. While they caused their own set of trouble on Full House, Nicky and Alex were a nod to the bond and love Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky had for each other.

8. Fuller is a hint at DJ’s last name

While many people may have suspected that Fuller was in reference to the Tanner House truly being at full capacity. Creators have said that Fuller is actually DJ Tanner’s last name. So who was Mr. Fuller? Is it a character from Full House? A Stranger? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

9. “How Rude” is still relevant (so is “Have Mercy”)

In the trailers, fans are shown a sweet encounter between Uncle Jesse and Stephanie about their characters’ famous lines. So don’t worry “How Rude” and “Have Mercy” can still be your catchphrases in 2016.

10. There is a dog

While it is not Comet, everyone’s favorite Golden Retriever, any Gold Retriever is a good companion.

11. The first show is titled “Our Very First Show, Again” a nod to the title of the first Full House episode

Don’t worry while Fuller House will stray slightly from what we know from Full House you can also rely on the settle hints to serve as a reminder.

12. Eva LaRue is Danny Tanner’s wife

How does Danny Tanner score a supermodel for a wife? We shall see.

Here is to binging our hearts out on the 13 episodes of Fuller House. Enjoy the trailer below.



(All gifs from Giphy.com)

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