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Timeka Toussaint ’12: Celebrating Diversity

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lawrence chapter.

Spotted: Timeka Toussaint
Place of Origin: New York, New York
Major: Government
Involvement on Campus: President of Committee on Diversity Affairs, Leader in Black Organization of Students, and President of Afro Caribbean Club.
Her Whereabouts: Timeka will be attending Black Organization of Student’s Cultural Expressions on February 25th, and Afro Caribbean Club’s The Cliques Party February 18th. During the spring Timeka can be seen at Afro Caribbean Club’s J’ouvert and the Lawrence International Cabaret.
Overheard discussing Black History Month: According to Timeka, Black History Month is important because it is a time that lets people reflect on the past as well as the future. For Timeka, Black History Month gives her the ability to learn and teach others about the past, present, and future of black history. For this Black History Month Timeka wants to focus on those who are currently making changes in the world. For the Lawrence Community, Black History Month allows for us all to be educators and students when it comes to learning about individuals and movements such as Civil Rights, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela. She was last heard saying, “I love the fact that some individuals are learning to celebrate people’s differences instead of using differences to classify people into categories.” 

Ariella Morik is a senior at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin studying English and Film Studies. She has served as Vice-President of Her Campus™ Lawrence for the past year and is excited to take the position of Campus Correspondent. She is an active student within her academic department and is Vice President of Programming and Social Events of the Alpha Zeta chapter of Delta Gamma. After graduation, she plans to pursue a law degree or a masters in creative writing. When she's not busy with her academic and co-curricular engagements, she finds time to run outdoors and spend time with her friends.