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Spring Style: Decoded

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lawrence chapter.

The sun is out and the grass is green. Campus is alive again with students hanging out and studying on main hall green, eating lunch together outside, and biking to and from classes. Spring has indeed sprung, and that means that the best part of the year at Lawrence awaits us. Being that it is the most exciting part of the academic year, it’s only natural that we approach this spring term in style. As Lawrentians, it can be easy to neglect fashion and style because we’re so focused on other things, but this spring’s trends offer bright, exciting and easy-to-wear options. Here are five simple and fun looks to rock this spring term.
First look: Floral print dresses

A go-to for spring, floral print dresses liven your look, while requiring little effort to wear. They go well with both flats and sandals, and even heels if you want to wear your dress out on the town for the night. Try adding a cardigan for a cute look or a leather jacket to make your look a little edgier.
Dress: Forever 21, $15.96

Second look: Brightly colored pants

A must-have this spring, bright colored pants are sure to make you stand out. They require only as much effort to wear as jeans, and they go well with a variety of tops. Try pairing your bright colored jeans with a sheer white blouse or a cream-colored blouse. Otherwise, if you really want to go for a bold look, try color-blocking and pair your pants with a solid color top. Make sure when color-blocking that the pants and top are complimentary colors so that the colors in your outfit do not clash.
Pants: Gap, $59.95

Third look: High-waisted shorts

A classic spring look, high-waisted shorts go well with almost any top. Denim shorts are perfect to pair with almost any of this spring’s colored tops. Try to pair your shorts with one of spring’s brightest colors like tangerine, bright yellow, or magenta. Some of spring’s other great colors include shades of indigo, violet, and teal. Feeling vibrant? Look for a pair of high-waisted shorts in one of those spring colors.
Shorts: Forever 21, $17.80

Fourth look: Wide waist belts

A stylish addition to many outfits, thick waist belts draw attention to both your waist and the dress or skirt you’re wearing. This type of belt looks best when paired with a flowy dress or the classic pencil skirt and blouse. Try matching the waist belt with your shoes to tie the outfit together.
Belt: ShopBop.com, $45.00

Fifth look: Bold bags

A perfect accent to many of spring’s exciting outfits, bold bags have bright colors and striking textures and shapes. Bold bags work perfectly for this spring’s color-blocking trend as well as for an accent to many outfits. Pick out a bold bag that has an exciting color and texture, but also goes well with a variety of clothing in your wardrobe.
Bag: Forever 21, $29.80

For more information on this spring’s colors and top trends, visit the sites below. Vogue offers ten standout trends for the season along with a showcase of various spring collections, while Pantone offers an in-depth spring color report.

Vogue: http://www.vogue.com/fashion/most-wanted/looking-ahead-10-standout-trends-from-the-spring-collections/
Pantone: http://www.pantone.com/pages/fcr.aspx?pg=20910&ca=4

Kelsi Bruun-Bryant is a sophomore at Lawrence University pursuing an undergraduate degree in English and Spanish. She works in the Lawrence University Office of Multicultural Affairs as the Web Coordinator, is an active member of the Alpha Zeta chapter of the Delta Gamma Fraternity, and volunteers at a variety of non-profit organizations in the greater community on a regular basis. Kelsi will be studying abroad in Santiago, Chile this coming fall where she hopes to perfect her skills in the Spanish language. After graduation from Lawrence University, she hopes to get involved in the field of marketing, continue writing, and pursue a graduate degree in an English-related topic. 
Ariella Morik is a senior at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin studying English and Film Studies. She has served as Vice-President of Her Campus™ Lawrence for the past year and is excited to take the position of Campus Correspondent. She is an active student within her academic department and is Vice President of Programming and Social Events of the Alpha Zeta chapter of Delta Gamma. After graduation, she plans to pursue a law degree or a masters in creative writing. When she's not busy with her academic and co-curricular engagements, she finds time to run outdoors and spend time with her friends.