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Spring Inspiration: Brighten Up a Tired Workout

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lawrence chapter.

With the sun shining and temperatures on the rise, spring is a great time to move your workout outside. Or if winter had you in a slump, spring is also a great time to start a new workout routine. So go ahead and take advantage of the beautiful weather! If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some fun ways to get moving:

Sign Up for A Mud Run with the Girls

Collegiettes are always ready to take on a new challenge, so please consider this one with an open mind. Mud Runs are a fun new take on the traditional 5k race incorporating both an obstacle course and, obviously, lots of mud. The idea is to spend the day being active and have a whole lot of fun doing it. (One great example is the Dirty Girl Mud Run. Check out their site at godirtygirl.com. Dirty Girl is coming to Wisconsin in August, but there are Dirty Girl races all over the nation throughout the summer.)
We all already know that running of any kind comes with some serious health benefits, but running outside can be even better for your overall health. For example, studies have shown that you burn at least 10% more calories running outside versus inside. Also, setting specific fitness goals is the best way to ensure you’ll reach them. So recruit some friends, put that Mud Run date on your calendar now, and get training!

Use Your Tech Savvy to Explore New Trails

Now your smartphone can help you channel your inner trailblazer. There are tons of apps that can guide you to the nearest trails complete with maps, updates on trail conditions and even reviews from other hikers. Hiking is an excellent way to amp up your fitness while clearing your head. It’s easy to feel burned out at the end of a school year. Hit the refresh button by charting new territory. Here’s a little insider tip: High Cliff State Park is a great place to start. It’s close to campus, but with all the beautiful trails, you’ll feel like you left civilization all together. What Lawrence Bubble?

Play a Pickup Game on the Quad

The guys shouldn’t be the only ones enjoying all the Quad has to offer.  Volleyball, kickball, or whatever… it’s the perfect place for a pickup game of anything. And think of it like this: with the sand volleyball court it might just be the closest you’re getting to a beach anytime soon. Plus, getting competitive is a great adrenaline boost. That means if you turn your workout into a game, you’ll be burning even more calories. That sounds like a win-win to me.

Make It Old School with Rollerblades

  Go ahead—pull out that dusty pair of rollerblades. (Or grab a friend’s or just pick up a cute new pair at the store. You get the idea.) Rollerblading might seem so 90’s, but doing something that reminds you of your childhood is a great mood boost. You know how that one song always brings you back to that one place and time? This is the same idea. Bonus if you feel like a dork doing it. Being able to laugh at yourself is a gift. And of course, laughter is a great way to get those endorphins flowing and give your workout extra mood boosting powers. Make sure you bring along a friend who can pick you up when you fall.  

Ariella Morik is a senior at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin studying English and Film Studies. She has served as Vice-President of Her Campus™ Lawrence for the past year and is excited to take the position of Campus Correspondent. She is an active student within her academic department and is Vice President of Programming and Social Events of the Alpha Zeta chapter of Delta Gamma. After graduation, she plans to pursue a law degree or a masters in creative writing. When she's not busy with her academic and co-curricular engagements, she finds time to run outdoors and spend time with her friends.