Passion for Canoes Leads to Watson Win: Will Meadows '12

Will Meadows ’12  can best be described as an inspiration. He was recently awarded the coveted Watson Fellowship, earning $25,000 to travel the world and build indigenous canoes.  Said Meadows, “Canoes represent the coexistence of creativity and nature. They lie at the intersection of human ingenuity and place, vessels for exploration, artistic expression and sustenance. I feel extremely grateful to have this opportunity to both learn from very knowledgeable people as well as promote the art forms.”

A native of Cincinnati, Meadows currently splits his home time between Chicago, Cincinnati and Washington D.C.  An environmental studies major, Meadows is particularly passionate about the great outdoors.  During his time at Lawrence, he has been involved with SLUG, Environmental art, and various sustainability funds and initiatives.  He is well known on campus for his student leadership role with the wonderful organization, Kids Give. Spearheaded by Professor Claudia Skran, Kids Give is an innovative non profit aiming to sponsor education in Sierra Leone. Meadows first went to Sierra Leone to do nutrition research and volunteer but soon became hooked by the mission it’s important work it accomplishes in our global community. You can easily find Will building something from the ground up, or meeting new people.