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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lawrence chapter.

J.R Vanko ’13 may be just a sophomore, but he has already contributed greatly to Lawrence University. You may see him running around campus like he has somewhere really important to go, and that is probably because he does. When he isn’t thinking about how he is next in line to become LUCC president, he is working on the countless other projects for the Lawrence community. Since he does so much, we thought it was only right that you get to know where he comes from, and what he’s been up to lately.


HerCampusLU: Tell us a little bit about yourself!
J.R Vanko: I am a sophomore from East Dundee, Illinois studying Studio Art focusing on Painting and Sculpture, and continuing on to Grad School to become an Athletic Trainer. I have 5 siblings an older sister who is 23, and 7 year old Quadruples –  one boy and three girls. I am a Competitive Diver for the LU Swim and Dive team. I am an Intern in the Development Office at Lawrence and I work at the Info Desk. 
HCLU: What is something we may not know about you?  
J.R: Something you may not know about me is that I am the youngest member of the Lawrence Downer Legacy Circle, which means that I have left my legacy to Lawrence and when I pass on later in life, Lawrence will receive money from my life insurance policy. That money will establish a new scholarship at Lawrence and go to improving overall campus life for students.  
HCLU: What are you most looking forward to about becoming LUCC president?

J.R:  I am looking forward to helping LUCC become a greater resource for students. I feel that LUCC is the greatest avenue for students to have their voices heard and to allow for action to take place to improve Lawrentian’s overall “Lawrence experience”. I am excited to get to work with many other students to improve Lawrence.  
HCLU: Are there any other LU projects you are working on right now?
J.R:  Currently I am working with the Student Welfare Committee Chair to help the University work with the City of Appleton to ensure safer crosswalks on College Ave for students and Community members. We want to be sure that we are working to provide the safest environment possible for Lawrentians while also upholding the safety of the Divers as well. 
HCLU: How exctied are you for Spring break!?
J.R: I am looking forward to Spring Break, however I will be doing a lot of LUCC work, preparing for the Re-Recognition Process and the Committee Appointment process that will begin shortly after we all return. 

Thanks JR! And good luck as pres!

Annie Kaiser is a senior economics and government major at Lawrence University. Happily born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Annie also has been called a "nomad" by her friends. In the past two years she has lived on both coasts, spending a year at school in Claremont, California and living in Georgetown for a summer internship with a political web-blog in Alexandria, Virginia. She played Varsity basketball and soccer throughout college, and has decided boxing will be her go-to workout after her collegiate athletic retirement. Annie's favorite activities include dining in fine restaurants, debating about politics, memorizing the presidents in order, painting, keeping up with celeb gossip, seatfiling at award shows, making lists of interesting words, and reading classic novels. She can not get enough of Jack Johnson music, new challenges, and Chuck Bass. Her motto: put your mind to it, and do it.