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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lawrence chapter.

It is Lawrence Hockey season and at Friday’s game, it was hard to find an empty seat to watch our team play! However, you may not know the two men behind the action giving us the play-by-play. Meet Matt Jacobs ’11 and Nate Groth’11, who are also former members of the team. Nate stopped playing after Freshman year because of a knee injury and Matt left after Sophomore year because he got one too many concussions! While they aren’t on the ice anymore, both know an infinite amount about Hockey, so their webcast of the games are pretty great!

Pictured: Nate Groth’11 (left) and Matt Jacobs ’11 (right)

Annie Kaiser is a senior economics and government major at Lawrence University. Happily born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Annie also has been called a "nomad" by her friends. In the past two years she has lived on both coasts, spending a year at school in Claremont, California and living in Georgetown for a summer internship with a political web-blog in Alexandria, Virginia. She played Varsity basketball and soccer throughout college, and has decided boxing will be her go-to workout after her collegiate athletic retirement. Annie's favorite activities include dining in fine restaurants, debating about politics, memorizing the presidents in order, painting, keeping up with celeb gossip, seatfiling at award shows, making lists of interesting words, and reading classic novels. She can not get enough of Jack Johnson music, new challenges, and Chuck Bass. Her motto: put your mind to it, and do it.