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Bad Boys We Love to Hate

I’m sure many of us ditched our homework this weekend and plopped in front of the television to admire the beautiful dresses and people at the 2012 Academy Awards. Many of us probably noticed the very handsome men who were nominated for Oscars, and many of them would not be considered the typical “good” or “nice” guy most of us hope to be with one day. Instead, some exemplify the type of men that us ladies go after because of the challenge it represents. Many of us need to experience these types of men in order to realize they are not who we want to end up with, but at the end of the day, the good guys should never come in last place.
The Tortured Soul (The Artist)—Jean Dujardin

Before this movie came out, I had not known much about the Best Actor Oscar winner, but from the Best Picture Oscar winner, The Artist, the character Jean Dujardin plays a tortured soul who is famous for his performance skills. The problem with the tortured soul is that you are going to have to listen to his problems constantly. Talking issues out and having issues from the past is of course understandable, but when that is ALL he talks about, it will get to be emotionally exhausting. Being an artist, also, as is portrayed in the film, is an issue in a relationship because not only do they have several women pursuing them if they are famous, but most of the time their top priority is their art and not you. If your man is focusing more on his work and his “tortured soul,” you are going to find yourself thinking you shouldn’t be a main priority, when it is the exact opposite.
The Unattainable Guy—George Clooney

This weekend George Clooney was nominated for Best Actor for the movie The Descendants where he plays a father of two daughters whose wife is injured. In real life, George Clooney is known as the famous Bachelor and is the guy who will probably never get married and continue to date young women almost half his age. Many of us see a guy like this and think to ourselves, “I can change him! I can make him settle down!” As amazing as that would be, most likely that is never going to happen. Nine times out of 10 a guy like this is going to continue to be afraid of commitment and you are going to be strung along getting hurt in the end. A guy with George Clooney’s reputation is someone to stay away from because you will just be another girl in his long line of young beautiful women that prove he is just as handsome now as he was thirty years ago.
The Chameleon—Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt was nominated for the movie Moneyball, where he is the manager of the Oakland A’s who has to figure out how to manage a team with little money. When Brad Pitt was with Jennifer Aniston (which I personally think was a better fit) he was the clean-cut, All-American guy, but when he left her for Angelina, he became the family man who grows out his beard and looks kind of creepy. Brad Pitt during Jen seems like a completely different Brad Pitt during Angelina. A chameleon boyfriend means that he doesn’t necessarily know who he is or what he wants and that he could leave at any point when he feels like things aren’t working. It’s scary to think you could be happy one day and the next day he could be with another women. Granted, Brad Pitt will always be that hottie from Fight Club, but dating someone who changes that quickly, shows he could string you along for a long time until he figures out you aren’t what he actually wants and you are left in the dust.
The Rugged Bad Boy—Demián Bichir

This sexy mustached man was nominated for the movie A Better Life where he tries to make sure him and his son have a better life and that his son avoids the temptations of gangs. Not only is he a gardener who is not afraid to get dirty, but also he is willing to go against the law in order to obtain a better life for him and his son. This is not to say that Demián Bichir is a bad guy, but his character is the typical rugged man who is not afraid to break the rules that a lot of us girls fall for mistakenly. A lot of us want to be with a manly man, but when you date a bad boy who breaks the rules, he probably isn’t going to be afraid to break your heart. Most of the time, too, he will be too “manly” to tell you his feelings for you and be sensitive to your feelings, which means you might end up feeling unloved. I know I hate feeling that way, so why date a guy who makes you feel bad about yourself?
The Funny Quirky Guy—Jason Segel

I do believe that many of us need to experience dating a bad boy in order to realize that bad boys are not what we want to end up with. Hopefully, though, learning from this mistake will teach us that good guys are a lot better and it would be better for your self-confidence and relationship to date someone who is funny and sweet. Jason Segel seems like one of the nicest, dorkiest celebrities who would be an awesome boyfriend. Granted, he was not nominated for an Oscar this year, but he seems happy enough with his accomplishments Not only is he hilarious in all his movies and the show How I Met Your Mother, but he is creative and seems like a genuinely cool guy. He seems like the type of person who isn’t afraid to tell you he loves you or that he wants to be committed to you. Take it from me; men like Jason Segel are where it’s at.
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