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Communication is hard, yet relationships rely on it to be successful. These quizzes will help you and your boo communicate about what you like in the bedroom and how you feel loved and supported every day. 

The first quiz is a relationship must-do. If you want to learn about how your partner feels loved and appreciated, this is for you! This is the 5 love languages quiz (https://www.5lovelanguages.com/quizzes/love-language ). This test will tell you how you score on the five different love languages, which will help your partner know how to better support you. Here is a quick summary of the 5 languages, so you know what you’re getting into! 

  1.  Words of affirmation.  

If this is your love language, then you feel most appreciated when you are told loving things by your partner. This can look like compliments, heartfelt messages, or handwritten notes from your loved one about how much they appreciate you. If this is your love language, harsh words said in the moment may also have a big effect on you and it could take you a while to move past it.  

  1.  Acts of service 

Someone who identifies with this love language feels most loved when their partner voluntarily completes tasks for their partner to lessen their workload. Simple things like making breakfast, doing the dishes, or even grabbing your morning coffee can mean everything to you! On the other hand, laziness or broken promises make you feel unimportant.  

  1.  Receiving gifts  

If this is your love language, a thoughtful gift, even a small one, is how you feel special. Your partner bringing your favourite snack after a bad day can really make you feel loved and appreciated. When your partner doesn’t give you gifts, you may feel like they aren’t thinking of you, or is not putting in enough effort, which can make you feel self-conscious in the relationship. 

  1.  Quality time 

Nothing makes you feel more loved than quality time with your partner’s complete, undivided attention. When your partner is truly present and practicing active listening, you feel loved and appreciated. Not spending enough quality time with your partner can make you feel distant and lonely in the relationship.  

  1.  Physical touch 

When you speak this love language, holding hands, kissing, or touching is your preferred way to give and receive love. When you feel you are not getting enough physical touch in the relationship, you can feel distant from your partner. 

Most people have one or two preferred love languages and they often differ from their partner. That means you might be giving your partner little thoughtful gifts all the time because that’s how you feel appreciated when that isn’t what makes them feel most loved.  

Love languages build a strong foundation that lead (for some) into some bedroom fun. Now if you’re like me, you may have already dived into what you and your partner like and dislike when you’re having sex. This second quiz just adds to the conversation, or maybe even opens the dialogue for you (https://missjaiya.com/ ). Just like love languages, there are 5 sexual blueprints: energetic, sensual, sexual, kinky, and shapeshifter.  

  1. Energetic 

This person finds the anticipation of touch pleasuring. Using a blindfold and simply exploring your partner is their idea of a good time. This person can also shut down if they feel their partner is not fully present and can feel overwhelmed by too much stimulation.  

  1. Sensual 

If this is your preferred sexual blueprint you will find pleasure in all the senses. Having music playing, some of your favourite foods, music, essential oils, flowers, and romance is what gets you going. The drawback to this sexual style is that this person must feel very comfortable with their body to experience full pleasure, and they can also feel trapped in their own mind. 

  1.  Sexual  

This person finds the standard idea of sex appealing. This means that being naked and having sex is what excites them. The sexual person is easy to please but can have a limiting definition of sex. 

  1. Kinky 

A kinky person finds pleasure in what they consider taboo. They are very creative and playful in bed. There is often a sense of shame associated with kinky sex styles, so this person might not be willing to admit what would be a turn-on for them. This sex language also requires a more in-depth conversation regarding boundaries and consent.  

  1. Shapeshifter  

This person finds everything arousing. They enjoy variety and adventure in the bedroom. If this is your blueprint, you are able to fulfill the needs of your partner’s blueprint easily because you also take pleasure in it. You may also feel like you require more to be satisfied in the bedroom, or your needs are always changing. Adjusting to your partner’s blueprint may also mean that you aren’t asking for what you want when it comes to your own pleasure.  

Navigating relationships can be confusing and sometimes we don’t ask for what we want because we are scared of rejection. Maybe we don’t know how to ask for it, or we don’t even know what we want. That is why online quizzes are such a great place to start. You become more knowledgeable about what you need and it opens the dialogue for you and your partner to share with each other. 

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