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The holidays are right around the corner, and everyone’s stress levels are quickly rising. If you’re a student, finals probably have you so busy that you’ve barely had any time to do your holiday shopping! While this can be stressful, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get all your gifts in time without completely losing your head! 

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting a bunch of little knick-knacks as a gift! It somehow feels like a bigger gesture. An easy go-to gift idea is to round up a bunch of the person’s favourites and toss them into a stocking. I love the idea of stockings because they are the most versatile! You can fill them with whatever you want, they can be super affordable, and they are literally the cutest things ever. Here are a few ideas for some stocking stuffers they’ll be sure to love! 

1. Snacks

This is a great, easy way to make the stocking nice and personal! Figure out what your person’s favourite snacks are from chocolates to candies, to chips, and grab all the mini versions of them and throw them into their stocking. Nothing screams personality like food does! 

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards are another easy way to make the stocking personal! Once you find out where their favourite places are to shop or eat, you can load a gift card with however much money you want and stuff it in the stocking. It’s small enough to fit in there, and it saves you the headache of trying to find anything too specific as a gift! With a gift card, you get the best of both worlds, it’s a super quick buy, and it leaves all the decision making up to them. 

3. Anything Skin Care

Depending on the person, throwing in a face mask or two can be a great idea! You can buy face masks pretty much anywhere from your local grocery store to full-on makeup stores. Not only are they super affordable, but you can find really unique and aesthetically pleasing ones! Speaking of aesthetically pleasing, any face-rollers are really great ideas as well. They come in so many different types of colours and designs and they’re small enough to toss into the stocking! 

4. Jewelry

This is probably my favourite idea on this list. Not only is jewelry SO versatile, but it’s so meaningful! You can personalize it and there are so many types to choose from, plenty of different colours, and it’s pretty affordable – believe it or not. A safe spot to get really cute and affordable jewelry – not just for the ladies – is Winners! They have everything from watches, to earrings, to bracelets and necklaces. They have silver and gold, and everything in between! Seriously, such a great choice. 

5 Candles

This might be a bit of an unexpected one, but candles can be great stocking stuffers! Around the holidays, there’s almost always a sale on candles – literally from any store. They’re pretty inexpensive, there are countless options available from different scents to different sizes, and they’re also easily customizable. You can either choose a scent you love, or something you know they enjoy, or something that just reminds you of them! Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes so they are the perfect stocking stuffer! 

This is definitely not an exhaustive list of the many great possibilities for stocking stuffers. Other options can include makeup, press-on nails, developed photos of the two of you, disposable or polaroid cameras, socks, sunglasses, phone cases, stuffed toys, books; the possibilities are limitless! All of these options can be found online or in-store and are super quick purchases. Hopefully, this gave you a few ideas after reading this. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays! 

Petra Korkomaz

Laurier Brantford '22

Petra is a Criminology student and pursuing a Minor in Human Rights and Human Diversity. She has a huge love for sushi, animals, and taking pictures of anything and everything! Cats and horses are her ultimate weaknesses (#CatPerson). Outside of HerCampus, Petra is usually found hanging out with her friends, binge-watching Netflix or playing with her puppy and 2 kittens! (They're adorable)
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