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Music Review: Saffron A’s “Survivor”

When our editor-in-chief, Destiny, told us about an opportunity to write a music review, I jumped at the chance. Music is such an important part of my life and I love sharing my thoughts and feelings about it with others. Even more exciting, the artist we’re reviewing is from right here in Brantford!

Some music is more simple, made for dancing – still good – but not deeper than its rhythm and catchy hook. But, a lot of music tackles important topics and social issues. In fact, more and more artists are starting to do this – and can you blame them with the political landscape we find ourselves in recently?

Saffron A’s newest single, “Survivor”, stands in this category. Saffron A is a feminist-musician based here in Brantford. Her music draws on both emotion and intellect with themes like sexual violence, trauma, mental health and empowerment. Released yesterday, on International Women’s Day, “Survivor” begins with a calming electric octave mandolin melody, drawing you into what’s to come. When the vocals come in, they are just as calm and soft, but heavy with emotion and storytelling. You can hear the sensitive yet strong person within Saffron.

Early in the track, the lyrics pull you into the telling story and make you feel it beyond your ears, in your heart. The calming music continues throughout the track, helping focus your attention on the strong vocal and lyrics. “They didn’t believe me, refused to hear me,” she sings. “The secret I buried, one that I carried alone.” These lyrics are powerful, and so is the vocal delivery, staying relatively calm throughout the piece but instilling the impactful message to listeners.

“In the age of the #MeToo movement, this song validates and empowers the diverse stories of survivors of sexual violence,” says Saffron. “It is being released on International Women’s Day to celebrate the resiliency of those who have spoken out against perpetrators of abuse (i.e. Harvey Weinstein), those who have not been believed, and those who have yet to share their story. I see you, I hear you, I believe you.”

The takeaway: you are not alone, and you do not have to suffer in silence. This is powerful and inspiring coming from a strong and resilient survivor herself. If you love singer-songwriter style music paired with powerful and emotive lyrics, this song is for you; in fact, Saffron A as an artist is for you!

She combines raw honesty like artists Janis Ian and Clairo, the writing of those like Courtney Barnett and Lorde, and the emotional range of artists like Mitski and Halsey. Her songs “The Road and the Radio” and “Resilience” offer similar yet unique vibes that you’re sure to love, too.

Since completing her Justice Studies degree, Saffron A has released two EPs and even toured across Ontario. Her first EP was titled Resilience and the second Resistance. The pair follow her emotional journey through the aftermath of sexual assault. She has also taken on the role of a public speaker by speaking at events like Take Back the Night and the Transforming Trauma into Triumph Conference.

With the release of “Survivor”, Saffron has announced a tour this March and April with stops in Toronto, Brantford, London as well as Brooklyn and Queens, New York! Listen to Saffron A’s new song “Survivor” on Spotify, Apple Music or Bandcamp, and check out her social links below. Happy listening and keep supporting local musicians!


Saffron A’s Social Media Links:

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