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Since the break is coming up soon, and you've probably been working hard all term long, why not sit back and watch a couple of films to relax. These films are my favourites from a film class I took this term (great Classical Hollywood films) and personal favourites.

The killers

This is a John Woo film, so you already have the promise of a fantastic action film. John Woo is known for his expertise in action films. Some of his most famous works are Face/off and Mission impossible. If you are a person who is into intense fights, wild explosions and still having a good character developing story, then this is the film for you.

Invasion of the body snatchers

A bit of an old film by Don Siegel, 1956 has been remade many times, but this one remains a classic and, in my opinion, is the best one. The movie is a hybrid sci-fi and horror film but is not necessarily as scary as your typical horror films. Perhaps it was titled as a horror film because it was released around the Cold War period, and the movie references the cold war. All in all, the movie is exciting, and creatively brought out.

The fugitive

I love a good ‘who done it’ movie, and The fugitive is the first one on my list. A mysterious death, a falsely blamed husband, and his search to find out who killed his wife as the police are chasing him all over the country. This mysterious, exciting movie will leave you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the very end. 

Father of the bride

Nothing screams classics more than Father of the bride. This, for me, is one of the most feel-good movies that you can keep watching and never get bored of. With actors Steve Martin and Diane Keaton, this movie is about a father struggling to accept that his daughter is all grown up and getting married. The film is filled with laughs in almost every scene with the comic display of this crucial part of a family’s life.

Dark tower 

Have you ever watched a movie, finished, and just sat down in silence to rethink life? Well, this is one of those movies. Dark tower is a sci-fi/ fantasy Stephen King film in two alternate universes, earth and Mid-world, home to the dark tower. A boy on earth with constant dreams of the dark tower, a structure that supports the different universes, and a man from the mid-world must work together to ensure the dark tower is not destroyed by evil forces. Highly recommend this film.


Now that we are on the topic of rethinking your life films, another great one is Extinction. You know how most movies about alien invasion happen in a farm area or a random day in New York City and the aliens are portrayed as little green men with giant heads and eyes. This film takes alien invasion to a whole other level and leaves you asking many questions like the possibility that the alien invasion has already happened and many more questions. I love how different this subject was portrayed in this film and therefore is one of my psychological thrillers.


An old-fashioned love story set in early-day England with a twist. Atonement, which was initially a novel by Ian McEwan, is a beautiful yet heartbreaking love story, what love the most about this film is that it takes part from different characters' points of view. All the pieces of information from the other lenses create the truth of what happened. It is a beautiful film I recommend for sure.


That’s all from me. I hope you give these movies a try and love them as much as I do over the break. Enjoy!


Leah Ngigi

Wilfrid Laurier '24

Leah is a cheerful yet shy girl who finds herself lost in writing, nothing like playing around with words to create something interesting and enjoyable. She's a lover of music, art, fashion and films. Feel free to chat about everything and anything on instagram (@leah_n.gigi)
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