The Last Fry Standing!

What did the potato say to the other potato? We’re gonna get fried! You either love French fries or steer clear of them. In Brantford, whether you are a local, commuter, or student, you have to try the french fries. The local spots are Admiral Submarine, Lonnies, and Stan’s Fries.

  1. Had a good night of partying and it's almost 2:30am? Lonnie's on Market is the place where everyone's at. They are known for their weird yet yummy flavours of poutine, like butter chicken, shepherd's pie, taco, etc,. and their all-day breakfast. It is also a very popular spot among university students to get their french fries after dark. But when you say Lonnie's, what’s the first thing everyone says? It's “Have you tried that flavor before?”. Lonnie's has over 20 flavours of poutine that will feed your soul when you are craving fries. But when you order from there, remember it's a gamble if you're going to get enough gravy or not. If you're in Brantford, don't miss out on Lonnie's.

  2. It's the exact definition of a hole in the wall. This is a go to spot for locals and students that live on and near campus. They serve fries and other fast food items, and are known for their super large portions of fries. It's always a joke that you should call your heart specialist before eating there because it is so good but the quantity is a lot to handle. Not many people know that their closing time rivals Lonnie's', with Lonnie's at 4am vs Admiral's at 3am.

  3. And for those who are not daring enough for the nightlife, Stan's is a classic example of the best afternoon fry truck. You can add salt and vinegar to your fries, and trust me they taste sinful. They are open from 10:30am to 7:30pm and budget-wise are the friendliest option for university students. You can get a small fry for $3 and a large for $7.

If you say you haven't eaten fries from any of these places, you probably don't go to Laurier Brantford.