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Isolation During the Holidays: A COVID-19 Reality

‘Tis the season to be jolly —or at least that is what everyone says during the holiday season. 

Unfortunately, for many people, it is hard to be “jolly” during this season because COVID-19 requires them to isolate. Or perhaps you are an international student who can not see your family this year, or maybe your relationship is strained with your family. 

No matter your situation, you are not alone in dealing with isolation during the holidays. 

We have some tips for those dealing with isolation this season!

Rethink your expectations 

No matter what activities you plan to fill up your break with, if you do not realize and accept that your holiday this year will not be like what you imagined, you are destined to feel sad and disappointed. Accept your new reality so that you can be free to a new version of the holiday season. 

Donating or Volunteering

Volunteering is a great outlet to find fulfilment in one’s life. COVID-19 has made it challenging for essential services, such as food banks, to operate because they rely heavily on volunteers. The fact of the matter is, people are not willing to risk their lives for these services. Consider donating your time or food and clothing if you are looking for a “pick me up.” Most food banks have implemented a plexiglass shield similar to supermarkets and are taking the required safety precautions, so if you can, why not? If volunteering in person is something you are not comfortable with, consider writing holiday cards for those in a senior care facility, or those deployed. 

Create your new traditions

The holidays are typically nostalgic for many because they are filled with traditions. Whether it is putting up a Christmas tree or drinking spiked eggnog during Christmas dinner. Traditions are among the best parts of the holidays. But who says you can not come up with your own traditions this year. For example, buy yourself a present, build a snowman, learn to knit, or develop a new recipe. All traditions started new, so why now create your own this year? 

Reach out

You would be surprised at how many people are spending the holidays alone, especially this year. Reach out to friends or neighbours who might also be alone this year. Perhaps you can have a socially distanced potluck by dropping off food for them and vice versa. 

Happy Holidays!

Sharna Emrith

Wilfrid Laurier '22

Hi I m Sharna Emrith, to me writing is an amazing adventure that allows me to learn about my community and myself.
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