Fake News...? Tackling COVID-19 conspiracies

“9/11 was an inside job”

“Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself in prison”

“Area 51 is researching and experimenting on aliens” 

“The moon landing was fake”

“The FDA is withholding the cure for cancer”

“Climate change is a hoax”

Conspiracy theories. Let’s talk about conspiracy theories. The six mentioned above are some of the most common to go around, and if you’re one of the few that hasn’t heard of them… you’ll want to stick around.

Basically, with anything that gets national or international recognition, people start talking. Perspectives are put in place and people go back and forth trying to figure out if there is some sort of alternate cause or purpose to the situation. They’re… wait for it… *conspiring theories*.

Since we’re all stuck in quarantine, social distancing ourselves (you better be doing this), and amid a global pandemic, people have way more time on their hands. This is when conspiracy theories are at their peak and the media LOVES to swallow them all up. There’s quite a few so far about COVID-19, some are laughable but a couple actually make complete sense. It gets really freaky…

Many believe that the coronavirus was man-made – pretty standard, right? What people are really conspiring about is why it would be created. What purpose does this infectious disease serve to governments and those in power? What profit comes from the deaths of tens of thousands of people? As we all know, the world’s population is constantly on the rise. We’re currently at 7.8 billion people and still climbing. One suspicion is that COVID-19 was created by the most powerful governments to control the world’s population growth. 

The coronavirus had been simple gossip for a few weeks before it was declared a global pandemic. No one took it seriously until we started seeing people drop like flies. Why? Did the government want to wait until people started getting scared? Or… did they keep quiet and fool their nations into thinking they have it under control so that they can allow the disease to infect as many as possible? The bigger the population, the more people get infected. What country is notorious for its massive population? China. Convenient place for a population-controlling virus to have its first outbreak…

The population control conspiracy is believed by many, but there are other conspiracies about COVID-19 that are far more convincing. With nearly everything shut down and people quarantined at home, there is significantly less commotion outside. Less pollution, less single-use waste, and less traffic! If you’ve been on the internet in recent weeks, you would have seen the photos of cleaner streets and waterways. The Venice canals in Italy are clear which means the fish and birds have been returning. China’s carbon emissions dropped by 25%, according to The New York Times, and the country is regularly known for having “dirty air”!

How is it possible that COVID-19 has a bright side to it? Don’t get me wrong, this infection is a human nightmare, but it coincidentally has environmental benefits. Could this be the government’s way of tackling climate change? Was the coronavirus mutated by the world’s most powerful governments to affect this many people so that our planet can catch a break in the quickest way possible? The easiest way to get people to do something is to instill fear and leave them with no choice… what better way to achieve that than to release a raging infection with no cure? 

Conspiracy theories are meant to be controversial; they are supposed to spark interesting conversations and make you question everything you think you know. In regards to the two I’ve brought up about COVID-19 so far, one might think, “that doesn’t make any sense for a country’s economy…” You’re probably right, but let’s keep things hypothetical, it’s way more fun that way. The country with the MOST active COVID-19 cases right now is the U.S. with 123,750 people infected and counting. You know what the U.S. is most criticized for? Their healthcare. Their ridiculously expensive and NOT universal healthcare…

Coronavirus patients are flooding every hospital (huge shout-out to the amazing healthcare practitioners). As unfortunate as it is, the U.S. is racking up HUGE loads of money from this pandemic. Everything from simply testing for the virus to physical treatments is costing Americans substantial sums of money. Now is the time that is most crucial for the U.S. to step up and provide their citizens with appropriate healthcare, yet they haven’t changed a thing with their system. How come? Well, let me tell you: in a capitalist society, profit is always the top priority. Always.

Are you freaked out yet?