Docuseries Review: "Inside the Mind of Jake Paul"

On September 25, Shane Dawson posted the first episode of his eight-part docuseries about former Vine and Disney star, and current YouTuber, Jake Paul. In this series, Dawson explores every aspect Jake Paul’s life, including his family, his relationships, his enemies and his mind.

Jake Paul has become one of the most disliked YouTube stars on the internet because of his reckless stunts and his rude behaviour. This docuseries investigates why he acts this way. Is it because of his family? Is it for the “clout”? Or is it because he is a sociopath?

When I first heard of the series, I was perplexed. I am not Paul’s biggest fan, but Dawson was able to make the series interesting and addicting for me. He was also able to make Jake Paul more likable because the viewer can sympathize with him and understand why he acts the way he does. Overall, this docuseries is quite addicting. From the very first episode, you feel drawn in and want to know more. Because of that feeling, I finished it all in a day (trust me I am not proud of myself).

Why did I like it?

I liked it because I’m a very curious person and this docuseries goes in depth into Jake Paul’s life and his relationship with some of the former Team 10 members. Also, it really made me think about my feelings toward Jake Paul. Did I dislike him because the whole world did even though I had never watched a single video of his? Or because of the snippets I saw? The Mind of Jake Paul reminded of how edited everything you see on the internet can be and how you shouldn’t trust everything you see online. Plus, Jake Paul and his girlfriend are one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen!

Why didn’t I like it?

Shane Dawson can be a little bit overdramatic in his videos, whether it’s in his reactions throughout the series or through his editing. I found this especially in the second episode where Dawson discusses if Jake Paul is sociopath or not - the episode feels like a little horror movie.

Should you watch it?

In my opinion, the series should be on your must-watch list. If you are a fan of Shane Dawson, or Jake Paul, watching the series might satisfy your position as a fan. If you are looking for a way of entertaining yourself, The Mind of Jake Paul is a very entertaining series, so if you’re bored one day and have nothing to do, go watch it. You won’t regret it!