7 Hacks for Holiday Shopping Online

Holiday shopping can be stressful. This year, stress may be heightened as the COVID-19 pandemic makes shopping less appealing and more challenging. Here are some tips that may help you save money and time this holiday season, especially if you’re shopping online.

  1. 1. Use a Cashback Site

    Shopping through sites like Rakuten and Honey can give you cashback on your purchases. Simply go to the site first, then navigate to your desired shopping site once there. You can also add Rakuten and Honey add-ons to your browser that will automatically detect a cashback rate and allow you to apply it with one click. After some shopping, you will see the money you’ve earned and be able to cash out and receive the money!

  2. 2. Search for Promo Codes

    Many sites show codes for promotions they’re hosting, but there may be even better codes out there. The Honey add-on automatically collects codes others have used and will apply them to your cart to see if there’s a match. Another way to find codes is to find and read the brand’s posts on social media. Sometimes there’s even influencer or blogger post under brands’ tagged photos who have their own discount codes.

  3. 3. Student Discounts

    Another way to find codes or discounts is by being a student. The Student Price Card (SPC) offers 10% of at a number of stores for only $10 per year. You can now buy the SPC card online, which also means less cards filling your wallet. Student Beans and UniDays are two other examples of sites that offer a range of brand discounts just for being a student.

  4. 4. Compare Prices

    This may seem like a common practice, but looking around at different stores or sites could save you. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy products from department stores or brands that sell a variety of brands and products. Depending on the type of product, try to compare the brand or company’s site to retailers like Walmart, Winners, Nordstrom, The Bay, Urban Outfitters, SoftMoc and more!

  5. 5. Shop on the App

    Some shops offer a discount, or exclusive deals, just for shopping on their mobile app rather than their website. Check out apps for your favourite stores, and maybe you’ll find savings!

  6. 6. Take advantage of rewards

    If you are a rewards member, there are several ways you may be able to save money. For starters, many companies that offer points allow you to cash in the points towards your purchases. Other brands may send exclusive offers to their members. Not a member? Many sites offer a small percentage discount on your first purchase, just for signing up. Take

I hope these tips help you have fun and save money while shopping this year. Seasons greetings!