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It’s not a surprise that ever since Christmas passed, something new has been a massive trending topic in social media. That happens to be the show You. The second season was quite the topic amongst many, and I completely understand why! It was freakishly good: creepy, but so, so good. If you didn’t sit down and binge watch it in one day (if not two), you’re lying. I am a huge fan of shows like this because they really spike my criminology senses, so I thought I’d share my list of favourites on Netflix that are similar to You and just some really good crime shows — in absolutely no particular order.

The Sinner

The Sinner! This television series has two seasons, and it’s one of those shows that makes you think and think and think. I personally love shows like this because I love pretending to be a part of the show, trying to unravel the case myself, and this one really peaked my interests. To quickly summarize, it portrays two completely different stories within the two seasons but involves the same detective dealing with his own personal issues along with these crazy cases he’s handed. The unraveling of the cases along with the detective’s own life keeps viewers (like me) completely hooked and curious, and dying to know what happens next. Both seasons have such interesting stories, and a backwards story-telling aspect which I found to be really effective in this case because it helped viewers get to know the actors. Definitely a quick binge, and quite an eventful one!

The Five

This is a show I fell upon when I was bored looking for something to watch while I was eating one day. It’s not really something I’ve heard anything about on social media, but I found it to be quite intriguing and attention-gripping. There’s only ten, 44-minute episodes, but some good content. If you like a good crime series with a lot of guessing back and forth who the culprit is along with some drama — this is your quick go to!


This show has severe small-town vibes, but it makes it super interesting because everyone knows everyone which makes everyone in everyone’s business. This is the classic small town tale, where a crime takes place and the whole town doesn’t know how to react anymore. This show has the nicest plot twist. I will add, though, that I lost interest after the first season because it was kind of repetitive, but if you want a good binge show to watch with a good mystery along with plot twist, Broadchurch would be your go to! Just maybe stop after the first season so you don’t lose your interest in the show as a whole.


This was, again, the classic “I need something to watch while I eat” kind of show. I got super into it once I started, though, because unlike the typical shows nowadays where the guy in the show is always the bad guy and the con artist, the girl in the show has the spotlight in this one. I wouldn’t classify this as much as a crime show but it definitely has some Joe vibes when it comes to the sketchiness Joe had throughout his journeys. A quick watch with two seasons and 40-minute episodes.

Don’t F*ck With Cats

This is a documentary series and personally, I’m not a fan of them unless it has to do with criminals or some crazy story. This one was recommended to me by several people and it hits close to home because it took place in Toronto. Though this documentary can be classified as quite disturbing, I feel like it’s an interesting watch because it really blows your mind that two individuals from another country were able to crack a case so huge. It really gets you thinking what people have time for and in a way you may be kind of thankful that they do have the time for it.

Just a little bonus, stop reading now if you haven’t finished the second season of You, but everyone freaking out about the ending of the season 1 have a theory to share with you! In my theory, after reading several tweets and posts about this season, I’ve come to the conclusion that I believe that Joe’s new neighbour is his mother. She’s the only individual that didn’t have an ending in the show and they’re now in the suburbs and no longer living in flats. Let that thought sink in a little bit!

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