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There’s nothing worse than waking up and realizing that you have snoozed your alarm eight times and now only have 5 minutes to throw some clothes on, toss your hair up, pack a bag, and get out the door. As students, we’ve all been there, and, especially during the pandemic, it can be difficult to get a good start to the day. Whether it’s due to anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of motivation or whatever else is weighing on your shoulders. I myself am guilty of sleeping through my ten alarms and being late for class. This year, however, I decided I wanted to get out of that habit. I decided I wanted to start my day off right by creating a morning routine that works for me. This list comprises the top ten things I have found that have helped me better my mornings. 

Pick your outfit out the night before 

I don’t know about you but, before I started implementing this tip it would look like a tornado ripped through my closet every morning as I tried on ten different outfits. Now, I know this isn’t a new one by any means, but you would be surprised at how helpful it really is. I find that checking the weather for the next day and then coordinating my outfit takes a lot of stress away from me in the morning, I know exactly what I’m wearing and I don’t have to worry about trying on a bunch of different outfits.

Make sure to give yourself enough time

There’s nothing worse than rushing to get ready, whether it’s because you slept in or because you set your alarm too late, it’s no fun fighting the clock in the morning. When you’re setting your alarm the night before, make sure you’re realistic with how much time you really need to get ready. Having that extra time to slow down in the morning will change your whole pace for the day. 

Don’t snooze your alarms 

I know those extra five minutes of sleep may be tempting but are they really worth it? Personally, I don’t think so. I found that every morning when my alarm went and I snoozed it, I would wake up the second time feeling even more groggy making it more difficult to get out of bed. I’ve started setting my alarm and actually getting out of bed. I check my phone, take a few deep breaths and hop up.

Make sure it’s bright

Crack open those blinds, turn on that lamp, and switch on the lights. If you keep your room dark in the morning it will make it even more tempting to crawl back into bed and fall asleep. I find that turning my lights on right when I get out of bed wakes me up just a little bit more. 


Having things that you do as self-care in the morning is so important and it’s a great way to start your day off on a positive note. Some things I’ve started doing as self-care are washing my face when I wake up, applying skincare and taking the time to do my hair and makeup. Taking the time to do things for yourself that make you feel good are great ways to take care of yourself and make you feel better throughout the day. 

Listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite TV show 

Something I find very calming in the morning is throwing on a relaxing playlist or  TV show I really love. I find doing this helps wake my brain up a little bit while simultaneously destressing me as I sing along or giggle at a joke in “How I Met Your Mother.”

Make your bed

I will admit, I used to be one of those people that didn’t see the point in making my bed. I like naps and working from my bed just as much as the next person. This year, however, I decided to try making my bed as so many people have told me how nice it was. I have actually found that it makes a huge difference in how I feel. My productivity has gone up as I am now less tempted to get into bed and get distracted throughout the day. 

Eat something
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Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Something about sitting down and having breakfast and a coffee just make my mornings. I always feel energized and I’ve also found that I eat better throughout the day on the mornings I eat breakfast. It doesn’t have to be something crazy; I personally find having an iced coffee and half an English muffin or bagel is perfectly filling for a few hours but other great options could be a granola bar, yogurt, toast, eggs or cereal! 

Set aside time to ground yourself

Grounding can look like many different things to different people. Personally, for grounding, I like to take a few deep breaths and reflect on how I want to go throughout my day; I say a few positive affirmations and I’m on my way. Some people like to journal, draw, stretch, whatever makes you feel comfortable and gives you a chance to slow down and appreciate yourself. 

Go over to-do list and schedule for the day 

The last thing I always do is go over my to-do list and schedule for the day. This helps me feel more prepared as I know exactly what my day is going to look like and the things I need to get done. If I don’t have class I start on the list and if I do then I head off to class. 

Morning’s can be tricky but this customizable list is a great way to start a routine and begin your days right!

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