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You’re Invited To…Best Bachelorette Party Ideas!

Bachelorette party themes have become 90% of the videos on my Tik Tok feed lately. They are so fun and unique and guarantee that you and your ladies will have the best time celebrating. If you are in a wedding or the bride yourself and are not sure what type of bachelorette party you would like to have, keep reading to see just a few of the many themes that are super popular right now. 

  1. Kiss the Single Life Goodbye!

This is a great theme, especially if the party or wedding is around Valentine’s Day! Using lots of pink and red balloons, X’s and O’s and of course some Hershey Kisses, this is a party everyone is just going to LOVE!

  1. Disco Party

A disco party theme is also super popular right now. With a bunch of different colors, boas, and maybe even roller skates, you can transform this party from a modern event to a throwback!

  1. Final Fiesta

This is a great party theme! Including some of our favorites like a taco bar and a pinata can really elevate the experience. You can also do fun and colorful decorations such as banners and cactus balloons!

  1. Boots and Bling Before the Ring

A country lover will love this theme! This is a great opportunity to take a trip to Nashville, or even go on a horseback riding excursion with your favorite ladies. Personalized cowboy hats and asking everyone to wear their best boots can help you feel like you’re in the wild west!

  1. Last Splash Mermaid Bash

A mermaid bash is a great way to celebrate! This could be a pool or beach party filled with mermaid scale decorations! You can have a makeup bar to create your best mermaid look and make sure to include lots of blue and purple glitter!

Anna Wall

Lasell '22

Lasell University Event Management Student, Class of 2022. She loves llamas, event planning, and country music :)
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