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Wylde Flowers: An Adorable, Witchy Farming Game

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For all my fellow fans of Stardew Valley, there is another video game out there that is like Stardew Valley but is also so much more. It’s called Wylde Flowers, and it’s my current hyper fixation (that, and RuPaul’s Drag Race). Wylde Flowers perfectly combines the classic farming simulator game with witchy and magical elements. The premise is simple: you play as Tara, a young woman who, after a breakup and losing her job, moves back to Fairhaven, the town she grew up in to take care of her grandmother. As she settles into her new life, she discovers more about the town – and the people she left behind. I truly believe Wylde Flowers is one of the best video games out there right now, and here are some of my reasons why. 

The diversity is incredible:

The diversity within Wylde Flowers is outstanding. The first clue that this is such an inclusive game is the pride flag hanging above the town hall. The queer and person-of-color characters are not reduced to stereotypes but are instead fully developed with their own goals, personalities, and interests. It is so refreshing to see positive representation in a video game, which is part of why Wylde Flowers has earned a special place in my heart. 

The storyline is compelling:

While the beginning of the game is pretty simple – a young person moving back home to care for a relative, Wylde Flowers enraptures you with a rich storyline that develops the more you play. As you explore the island and interact more with the residents, the love and thought put into this game become more and more evident. There are countless side quests and favors you can complete in addition to the main storyline, allowing for hours of gameplay. 

The graphics are beautiful:

Graphics are an important element of a video game. Because video games are very visual, it is essential to have good graphics. The graphics in Wylde Flowers are stunning and help create a whimsical atmosphere. The character designs are adorable and bring the world to life. The graphics enrich your experience playing the game. 

The gameplay is magical: Playing Wylde Flowers itself is a magical and enchanting experience. The controls are simple and easy to use. I enjoy doing all the tasks within the game, whether that be watering crops, feeding chickens, or brewing potions. Much like Stardew Valley, there are tons of things that can be completed in a single day or season. You will never run out of tasks to do while playing Wylde Flowers.

Olivia Post

Lasell '26

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