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World’s Reaction to Trump Election

Everyone has heard much about Trump. From personal issues to the protests going on around the country, the world is divided.

The New York Times released an article titled, “Across the World, Shock and Uncertainty at Trump’s Victory.” This article explained the different viewpoints of Trump. Mexico is upset about Trump’s ideas to “build a wall on the United States-Mexico border and to deport millions of immigrants in the country illegally.”

The Middle East is in a predicament, as they did not know how to react to the election. There has always been much tension with the Middle East-American relationship.

Europe overall released a statement saying that they can no longer fully depend on the U.S. “We cannot be dependent anymore on the U.S., we have to take charge of our own destiny. Europe should get its act together, too, and set its internal differences aside,” according to the former prime minister of Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt.

Countries around the world are experiencing the same division that we have here in the U.S., with people being on both sides of the election. Hopefully soon, we can all find a way to live together in peace with our minds at ease about our new president, and trust that he can lead us.

I am a junior Fashion Merchandising student from Stamford, CT. I have been writing for Her Campus since the beginning of spring semester, and am on the field hockey team, in the mini and Undergrad fashion shows,participate in Relay for Life yearly and Lasell's Senior Citizen's Prom,  and am a peer writing tutor in the AAC. At home I work at an ice rink and am a camp counselor for kids teaching hockey lessons, which is one of my favorite sports. I like working out, writing, listening to music, and going into Boston whenever I can. 
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