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This winter is a long one and staying stylish during winter is tough. As temperatures drop so does our sense of style. Keeping up with trends during winter can be hard when all you want to do is be inside with your oversized sweatshirt, hot chocolate, and your favorite movie. But have no fear! Here are a few ways to stay stylish during the cold weather season! 

  • Brighten up your winter with a colorful peacoat. Shy away from neutral colors like tan, gray, and black. Pastel peacoats have been trending and so have colorful ones like royal blue, and even orange. Be daring, bold and take a risk!  
  • There are two things girls will always compliment each other on. Purses and Shoes! If you rather have a neutral color coat choose a statement purse to highlight your outfit. As for the shoes when it is not a full on winter wonderland combat boots and tall boots are a must! When there is a blizzard outside go with the classic Bean Boot or any other snowboot style shoes.
  • When in doubt put on a statement scarf! Plaid scarfs are a perfect way to accessorize during winter. You can wear them with your coat going outside and still keep them on inside with a comfy sweater. 
  • Statement necklaces are the perfect way to stay chic during winter. Wear them with oversized sweaters, cardigans, or your favorite button up and a vest! 
  • Support your school in style with a crew neck sweatshirt! Pair with a statement necklace or scarf, jeans, tall boots and a baseball hat for a comfy look on your lazy days. 
  • Capes have almost made a full comeback! They are easy to wear and easy to pair. As Taylor Swifts shows us with her plaid cape and green pants. 
  • Other accessories to wear when trying to stay chic during winter are earmuffs (Fun prints and faux fur!), cable knit headbands, patterned touchscreen gloves, and wide brim hats.

Remember, when its cold outside that does not mean you shouldn’t accessorize and look stylish. Make the rest of winter fun and chic! 

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Hello, I'm Lizz! I'm a junior at Lasell College studying fashion design with a minor in communications. I love fashion, blogging, and playing with my puppy Lilly! You can probably find me watching Netflix in my room or reading Teen Vogue. I dream of having my own clothing line and showing at New York Fashion Week! 
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