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Why We Should Love Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington has been having some rough times throughout season two of Stranger Things. He lost the love of his life, is stressed about if he wants to attend college, and has been branded “personal babysitter” of the boys and Max. However, we are here to advocate for Steve and remind you of some reasons to love Steve in all his Farrah Fawcett spray glory.

1. He Really Loves Nancy.

After their relationship began in season one, Steve has really fallen for Nancy Wheeler and things have gotten pretty serious. Season two, however, tests the couple and proves that Steve loves Nancy even when they’re not together and he is generally concerned for her wellbeing. When he is wrapped up in Dustin’s schemes with Dart, he is actually delivering flowers to Nancy to make up.  How sweet!


2. He Takes Dustin Under His Wing.

Steve and Dustin form a bond over the course of season two, whether fighting off Demi-dogs, taking about girls, or discussing their hair routines. Dustin looks up to Steve and the two make the perfect pair both comically and emotionally.


3. He Risks His Life to Defend the Kids.

When helping the kids find Dart and fight off demi-dogs, a creature tries to invade the trailer where everyone has taken refuge, Steve steps up to fight the monster off pushing the kids out of harm's way saving them. He cares deeply about the kids and as the season develops it feels less like he’s their babysitter and more like their dad.


4. He’s Done a Total 180.

At the beginning of season one, Steve was basically the villain of the show. He was a mean typical 80’s jock, but over the course of the past two seasons, the audience has been able to see Steve develop as a person. Steve has become more emotionally vulnerable thanks to Nancy, the kids, and the overall humbling experience of demonic creatures from another dimension terrorizing your town.


5. He’s Really Cute.

Let’s face it, Steve is hot, not only is he physically attractive, but he has now become emotionally vulnerable. Not to mention, he’s willing to risk his life for pretty much anybody at this point and is a sweetheart. Steve Harrington is just a cute guy all around. Also he enjoys fried chicken, so everybody wins.


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