Why Magnus Sprouse is the Better Sprouse

Our generation is often split. Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC? Britney or Christina? Troy or Chad? Nick or Joe? And the most difficult of all, Dylan or Cole? Well I’m here to remind you of the third, underrated Sprouse, Magnus. Magnus is Dylan’s dwarf English bulldog. When put on par with Dylan and Cole, it’s clear that Magnus is the better Sprouse, hands (or paws) down.

    Magnus isn’t just Dylan’s loyal companion, he’s a Renaissance dog. In Magnus’s Instagram bio he not only is described as “A dwarf English bulldog” but also a “model, actor, photographer, artist, singer, dancer, dreamer. #FreeMyNipples.” Hard working and #woke? My dream dog.

Speaking of his Instagram, Magnus’s feed is something Kim K should be envious of. His ‘gram features selfies, candids and videos of his worldly adventures. Mangus is also hilarious with his witty captions.  

Funny, creative, hardworking and woke? Magnus blows his competition out of the water. Although often overshadowed by his human counterparts, Dylan and Cole, Magnus has a certain je ne sais quoi about him, which proves he is definitely the better Sprouse.  

*Photos from Instagram @magnusthedwarf