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Getting my nails done has always been a hobby of mine. I loved going to a salon and being pampered, however, the prices started to add up. As a college student, it was not something I could prioritize. So one weekend I made the decision to buy some supplies on Amazon and see how far I could get with it. From that point on I have been doing my own nails.

It started off as a way for me to save money, a way for me to continue to be pampered without the large cost that comes with it. I have fully acknowledged that doing my nails DIY comes with plenty of dangers if you are not being careful. Meaning that there have been some cases where people have developed an allergy to acrylics which is in all nail products. However, I combat this by doing my research and being very cautious when doing my own nails.

It has become my new hobby. I like to change my nails frequently and I get extremely bored with a nail design even if it’s only been a week. Going to a nail salon and having to articulate what I wanted every few weeks was always really difficult because I was never sure exactly how to describe the picture in my mind. Being able to do my own nails has taken that difficulty away. It has also become an outlet for when I get stressed out. Doing my own full set forces my mind to focus on one thing for a period of time without the ability to stress about everything else.

I started to do my own nails because it became something that made me smile, something that people would compliment me on. It made me feel confident going out with a new set of nails and allowed me to feel more confident in myself.

Carley Ellis

Lasell '26

Carley is a member and events director of HerCampus, she is a forensic science major in her sophomore year at Lasell University. She is also a member of other clubs on campus such as the Forensic Science Association. In her spare time she likes to read, play video games, and pick up new hobbies such as doing her own nails.