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It’s spooky season, the season we all know and love. I am just like your average college girl: I love pumpkin spice lattes, buying every single oversized hoodie I can find, and re-watching all of my favorite scary movies. My favorites include It (2017), Hellraiser (2022), Candyman (2021), and Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark (2019). While these movies already scared the heebie-jeebies out of people, my all-time favorite spooky movie isn’t even a scary movie, in fact it’s a comedy: The Addams Family (1991).  

Ever since I was little, my family and I have loved this movie. This movie follows the lives of the oddball family, the Addams Family. Its members are Gomez Adams, Morticia Addams, Wednesday Addams, Pugsley Addams, Uncle Fester, Granny, Lurch, and Thing. This movie begins with the life of Gomez Addams, a suave man who is sad about the disappearance of his brother Fester. A bit later in the movie, a man claiming to be Fester shows up at the Addams household. The whole family is overjoyed, however, Gomez’s gorgeous wife Morticia is suspicious of Fester since he cannot reclaim any of Fester’s memories. A sleazy lawyer helps Fester get the family evicted from their home. A while later, Gomez finds out that Fester and the lawyer are trying to trick Gomez out of the family fortune. This leads to Gomez challenging Fester. 

This movie has a bit of everything: action, drama, comedy, and nods to eccentric lovemaking (I’m looking at you, Gomez and Morticia). But there is one thing that I love the most Morticia Addams. Ever since I could remember, I was always fascinated with her. The way that she walked, her long black hair, her bright red lipstick, her long, form-fitting dress. Even though she was supposed to be a bit scary looking, I never saw her like that. I saw her as a confident, beautiful, poised woman. Watching this movie and also Addams Family Values, I truly couldn’t get enough of her. So now, watching this movie again after all of these years, it’s no surprise that I admired her so much. She had the best life. 

Now, if you take away the spooky aspects of her, Morticia was living the dream. She was a beautiful housewife, she had two kids and a huge manor, and she never had to do any cleaning because she had Lurch. Also, don’t get me started with the way Gomez treats her. He practically kisses the ground she walks on. In the first few moments of the movie he says, “I would die for her, I would kill for her”. And you could tell by the nature of this man that it’s true. Their conversation continues when Morticia says “Last night you were unhinged. You were like some desperate howling demon. You frightened me. Do it again”. So you already know their sex life is insane. There is rarely a scene with the two of them together where they aren’t fawning over one another. That’s one of the aspects of her that I aspire to be… She has a husband that would do anything for her and is utterly head over heels in love with her. That’s simply not a want, but a need for me. 

Let’s be real here, I am an independent woman. I am in college studying a major that hopefully will have me nicely set up from an economic standpoint. I was raised around a strong independent woman that showed me that you don’t need a man to be financially well off. I fully stand with that mindset. However… I would be lying if I didn’t envy Morticia’s lifestyle a bit. She married a man who has a fortune to his name. She never has to work a day in her life being with this man. She gets to stay home and live lavishly. She doesn’t have to clean the house, make dinner, help the kids with homework, zero of that. She just wakes up, gets fawned over by Gomez, cuts off the heads of some roses, and looks glamorous while doing it. I love working for my money and feeling accomplished, but you can’t even lie and say that that life doesn’t sound exquisite. 

Joking aside, Morticia Addams is one of the spooky season baddies that we all live for. She has the looks, the brains, the figure (gosh darn that figure)! She may not be every little girl’s role model, but she certainly is one of mine. 

Hello there! I am Yalines Medrano and I am a Forensic Science major at Lasell University with the class of 2024. I am from Peabody, Massachusetts and I love to read, watch anime, and hang out with friends! I am so excited to be involved in HER Campus!