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Moldavite has taken Tiktok by storm, but with moldavite shortages, they have hyped up a new stone- Malachite. Coined by Tiktok creators, as the baby moldavite, malachite sales have skyrocketed this summer. But what is malachite and is it really similar to the crowd’s favorite moldavite?

Malachite is a naturally occurring mineral that is created when the copper ore is weathered. It is a crystal that appears in various shades of green and usually has lines running through it. Today, the majority of malachite comes from the Republic of Congo. In comparison, moldavite is a green-colored glass that was created by a meteor impact in the Czech Republic.

Tiktok creators claim that malachite can be used to create powerful transformations in their life, like moldavite. Recently, moldavite was getting a bad wrap, despite selling out online snd at new age stores. Online creators are not only claiming it bringing new prosperity and opportunities but also dead and hardship. They claim that, unlike moldavite, malachite is a safe stone that slowly brings change.

Historically, malachite was used by the ancient Egyptians as pigment and it was used in China as an ornamental piece.  It is also traditionally a very protective stone and used to help ad in spiritual growth. Many cultures use it to keep the evil eye away and protect the wearer from any harm. It is also used to help aid with healing, espically emotional and spiritual-related issues. Modernly, it has also been placed in areas to help attract prosperity and transform energy.

Yes, malachite is a powerful crystal but it won’t ruin your life. Crystals can only help align your energy with them. Malachite is inherent as a protective crystal and definitely worth the hype if you need an extra boost of protection or healing and personal growth. But don’t let TikTok scare you off and absolve you from responsibility.

Ariana is the Editor In Chief for Her Campus Lasell. She is a junior at Lasell double majoring in Business Management and Marketing. She has an obsession with beauty and aims to live a holistic lifestyle. Her hobbies include reading, painting, and binge-watching Netflix.
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