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What it’s Like to Have a Birthday After Valentine’s Day

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Those of us who have birthdays near a holiday know what it’s like to have your birthday associated with it, or sometimes celebrated at the same time as said holiday. Depending on your view it can either be a good or a bad thing. For example many people may like that their birthday is near Saint Patrick’s Day, but some people may not like that their birthday is near Christmas because their birthday would get overshadowed by the holiday.

However Valentine’s Day is a different situation. In my opinion, Valentine’s day is the holiday that has the most controversy over if it is a good holiday or not. Some people love the red and pink hearts and roses and love in the air but what some love others may despise. It’s not just couples that love the holiday, some don’t even like it and some single people love the holiday, while others hate it which they cannot be blamed for. 

I have always been so excited for February and Valentine’s day since my birthday is the day after. However my excitement for the holiday would get shut down many times by people who hated it. As a single person I have no reason to like Valentine’s Day besides my birthday being the day after. I’ve always been asked why I like the holiday so much and if having my birthday after the holiday ever got boring. Personally I love reading and seeing things about love so it has never really bothered me. One thing I discovered is that February 15th has some funny holidays associated with it. One being Discount Chocolate Day, Single Awareness Day, and many more. Another plus side to it is that usually people will get me boxes of chocolate so I don’t need a significant other to get me one and I don’t have to spend money getting one for myself. 

As much as having my birthday near a holiday that is all centered around love kind of sucks and is a constant reminder about how single I am, there are some benefits to it like how Valentine’s Day has one of the prettiest color schemes in my opinion. Sometimes with a lot of things in life you have to focus on the bright side.

Hi! I'm Savannah. I'm a Forensic Science major at Lasell University and I am in the class of 2026. I'm from Rochester Massachusetts. I love listening to music (especially Taylor Swift), playing guitar, writing, drawing, and reading books.