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What to Buy When You’re a Cat That Just Inherited Millions From Your Owner

In case you haven’t heard, the death of Karl Lagerfeld has left a lasting mark on many, including the fashion industry, but especially his cat, Choupette. Lagerfeld had an approximately $300 million fortune, a portion of which has been left to his favorite pet. The cat has already been living a very lavish life. This includes maids, private jets, expensive food, etc. She already has $3 million of her own from various sponsors and commercial ads. There is a chance she will be the richest cat ever, if she beats a $9.15 million fortune from a cat named Blackie.

Choupette can clearly get whatever she wants due to her large fortune, so here are some of the world’s most expensive cat products she can choose from!


  1. Versace Barocco Pet-Bowl ~ $754

This Versace cat bowl is 22K gold leafed! Choupette will be able to eat or drink in style with this fancy bowl.

2.  Cat Tree House ~ $800

Choupette will be able to explore the great outdoors in the comfort of her own house with this cat tree house!


3. Outdoor Cat House~ $315

If Choupette does want to go outside, but does wants to stay sheltered, she can have this cat house set up in her backyard.

4. Cat Collar ~ $1.8 million

This collar is made from 52K of diamonds and has 1,600 hand set stones. This will make Choupette one of the most stylish cats around.

5. Cat seat for cars and planes ~ $400

Choupette will love this fluffy pink seat for all of her luxury plane rides!

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