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What Boba Order Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.
  1.  Aries would be taro milk tea 

Who is more nuttier than Aries? This drink is light and nutty with no need to add much sweetener and is good; just like how an Aries is sweet enough to hang out with. I might have a bias here as an Aries and taro lover.

  1. Taurus would be matcha milk tea 

This down-to-earth sign is known to be stubborn but calm, just like its drink. Matcha milk tea lovers are known to stand their ground on its popularity while others say otherwise. I love this drink because it makes me calm and feel healthy teehee.

  1. Gemini would be peach fruit tea with popping strawberry boba

With Gemini’s dual personalities mixing these two fruits would be just like them. Experience the tart peach and then the sweet strawberry-popping boba. I have mixed flavors like this a few times and it is so fun. 

  1. Cancer would be brown sugar tea

This is a very very very sweet drink for a lovely person. Also, the drink is very much pretty and I know you guys like to have pretty things. This drink is too sweet for me and would be a size small if I am in the mood for it. 

  1. Leo would be mango slush boba 

Leos love to be different and I think they would be a slush just because they can. Also, I chose the flavor mango because it is sweet and sour at times just like them.

  1. Virgo would be a classic milk tea

I apologize but this flavor is reliable and simple, and Virgos love to not worry about choosing a flavor that they might not like. I like this flavor when I need something that matches the food item I am eating it with.

  1. Libra would be winter melon boba 

This flavor is known to be a good balance of not too sweet and not too bitter, which perfectly fits the balance that Libra provides. I like the flavor of the end of September when it’s getting to the perfect sweater weather aka perfect balanced weather.

  1. Scorpio would be passion fruit boba tea

Now who else is as bold, flirtatious, and passionate enough to be this nice refreshing drink? I liked this summer flavor; that’s where the Scorpios shine.

  1. Sagittarius would be cookies and cream slush

Just like Leos, Sagittarius would want to be different and be a slush but sweeter. Also, this drink is a bit childish and Sagittarius is known to be youthful.

  1. Capricorn would be a coffee milk tea 

This drink takes coffee and boba into one and the perfect person to receive this is Capricorn, because they need the caffeine to grind at their hard-working life. I have had this drink and it is just like iced coffee with boba, two of my favorite things.

  1. Aquarius would be a lychee fruit tea 

Since Aquarius tend to be a bit bitter I gave this sweet and sour drink to them because they like to be a bit unique. This drink is also liked by only the most innovative people which is perfect for Aquarius.

  1. Pisces would be strawberry milk boba tea 

Honestly, this drink is usually for kids. That is all I am going to explain here. I never had this flavor but if I were to I would have like a donut with it.

Yani Galarza is a member of Her Campus at Lasell chapter. Yani is currently a sophomore at Lasell University, studying psychology. Her hobbies include dancing, binge-watching K-dramas, and indulging in sports in her free time. You can find her either in her room trading K-pop photocards or on the third floor of her building with her best friend watching The Nanny while doing work.