Western Wear: Trend Report 2020

     Currently hitting the runways of Paris, London, and New York, is an interestingly historical trend: western wear. This cowboy-chic look is set to hit the streets in the spring and summer of 2020, and is taking several different routes in regard to styles and sub-trends.

     The first sub-trend is pulled from a basic principle of color theory: primary colors. The heavy use of denim in the west serves as a strong base for a wide variety of blues; mustards and maroons add warmth to the mix though colored leathers and solid suits. Using this artistic concept cultivates a simplistic and modern approach to the style.

     Sustainability continues to grow in importance around the globe, leading some designers to reproduce western wear with ethically conscious production methods and sustainable fabrics. Linen and cotton are being used most, while animal products such as fur and leather are on the decline in order to reduce waste and energy consumption. Consumers are also taking a closer look at where their clothes come from, and how conscious their favorite brands are of the effect they have on the environment and on the lives of their employees.     Reproducing this trend straight from the 1800’s would result in a costume-like fashion, without the modern innovations the industry has worked towards.  Designers are taking a futuristic approach, dressing for the space cowboy. Bold colors and metallics update the trend, and innovations in fabric technology and performance are upgrading what was worn on the Oregon Trail.

     When it hits the streets, some key adaptations from the runway will be metallic cowboy boots and colored faux leather jackets (with fringe sleeves of course). Solid colored suits for both men and women will become more common, and can add some flavor to professional wear. The key players in developing these designs are Calvin Klein, Isabel Marant, Veronica Beard, Coach, Pyer Moss and Louis Vuitton.

     Do you think you'll start grabbing some western pieces for the upcoming trend? Or will you be waiting to see what everyone else thinks of the trend?