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We’re Obsessed with Lewis the Halloween Ghoul

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A spooky gent has been charming Target shoppers across the country. Lewis, part of Target’s Hyde and EEK! Boutique has taken the Internet by storm with his viral phrases. When prompted, Lewis exclaims in an almost offended tone, “I am NOT a jack-o-lantern. My name is Lewis”. 

The comedic ghoul quickly gained popularity on TikTok for his unique catchphrase, and later as people marveled at the new Halloween celebrity appearing in their very own local Target. His appearance varies by location, sometimes appearing with a name tag or a mini ghoulish counterpart

Lewis does not come cheap, at a whopping $180, though the price tag hasn’t deterred many shoppers as he is currently sold out. In any case, it’s evident that the brains behind Lewis’ inception had an excellent understanding of Gen Z humor. The Target internal design time hinted at Lewis lore but remained vague about his true roots: “‘We really found magic this year,’ they said. ‘When we were gathering bits of this and that, a charismatic pumpkin came to life. We greeted the jack-o’-lantern and he was quick to let us know his name was not Jack, but actually Lewis. We knew a star was born.’”

The jack-o-lantern’s – ahem – ghoul’s other lines include: 

“Happy Halloween, my little ghouls”, 

“Trick or Treat, all you creepy crawlers”,

“Crooked smile and glowing eyes, I see all your tricks from way up high,”

“Hello, hello, hello, I’m so happy you could carve out the time to come out tonight,”

And my personal favorite, showing off Lewis’ poetry skills: “I fear nothing, night or day, except a strong breeze to make me sway.”

His statements are always followed by a mysterious and hearty laugh that only adds to Lewis’ charismatic flair.

I can only hope to come across a real Lewis someday, but I’m glad that he appeared to be a new  iconic mascot for one of my favorite holidays of the year.

Inès Dupupet is the Editor-in-Chief at Lasell University's Her Campus chapter, overseeing the team of copy editors and keeping track of articles. As a junior at Lasell, studying fashion and history, she hopes to become an archivist or librarian. She loves to write, experiment with fashion, play cozy videogames, and spend time with her cat.