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It’s close to one of those times of the year! Valentine’s Day! The day that’s all about love, celebrating relationships with partners and even self love and showing how much we love them both. But what else can be done when celebrating Valentine’s Day? Celebrating it with style, of course! Any holiday is capable of being celebrated with style; I never make a holiday dull when it comes to dressing up and neither should anyone else if they want to spice it up a bit. One thing about style is that it can be created in many ways with many things; the possibilities are endless. But, of course, the outfits have to stick to the actual holiday with splashes of pinks, reds, and whites if it wants to fit in. That’s why this article exists for those who need inspiration so they can make this holiday extra special on a personal level.

In this article, there will be inspiration for anyone no matter what gender; you could fit with the aesthetic while wearing a dress, a skirt, shorts, or even with a simple pair of pants. I can even give some opinions for extra help. When I want to wear something for this holiday, I mostly lean towards an outfit involving a dress or a skirt, but if I want to wear a pair of pants, I would wear pants that are flared or at least pants that are colored pink, white and/or red. I’d make sure that the outfit either is color coordinated for one color or all the colors, but if I were to do an outfit with all the colors associated with Valentine’s Day, I’d make sure that my outfit isn’t involving one color more than the other ones, unless I so happen to not have certain pieces in my wardrobe that don’t contain that color. But by the end of the day, it all really matters what one wants to wear for that special day.

Astara is a sophomore at Lasell University studying Fashion Media and Marketing. She loves to collect items of her favorite Sanrio character named Cinnamoroll. Her hobbies are creating new outfits, collecting trinkets and figures and playing video games on her Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Dsi. You can find her either in her room decorating her space or on the third floor of her building with her best friend watching The Nanny while doing work.