Valentine's Day Date Ideas For Both Your Galentine And Your Boo

Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with your S.O. or your best friend, there are still plenty of date ideas for both situations. 


  1. Recreate Your First Date

For a sweet romantic moment he will remember forever, make the day special by going back to the beginning.

2.  Keep It Simple

Have a cozy night in with a home-cooked meal and your mans because sometimes that's just what we need in life.

3. Skating & Apres Skate

With this classic winter pastime you are basically guaranteed to get close to your beau as you glide hand and hand across the ice, and snuggle up after to a cup of hot cocoa.

4. Just Dance

If you are up to a high-energy night on the town, dancing is definitely the way to go. Head to a hip club or bar and dance the night away in your favorite cocktail dress.

5. Foodie Fanatics

For those couples who love going out to eat together try making it a whole day affair and book a foodie tour! Explore the city with your bae and eat delicious food. I mean, how can it get better then that?



  1. Spa Day All Day

Take the day to relax with your bestie and indulge in mani-pedis, facials, and a massage because you deserve it.

2. Chick-Flick Marathon

Stay in and pick out your favorite movies to watch with your gal. Snack on some popcorn and candy while you obsess over Ryan Gosling’s booty in The Notebook, because let’s face it, we all love that movie.

3. Brunch

Treat Yo’ Self and take over brunch with your gal pal and get the boujee omelette of your dreams, and take those cute Polaroid pics for Instagram.

4. Do It For The ‘Gram  

Plan matching outfits, get ready together, and go all out for a photo shoot that will add the perfect new new to your Instagram feed.

5. Shop ‘Till Ya Drop

Who doesn’t love a full day of shopping? Everyone needs one of those days, so go out with your Galentine and hunt for those deals and steals. Your closet will thank you and your heart will be happy. Retail therapy for the win everyone.