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From when I was a child, I always had a fascination with animals – all kinds. I loved bees, staring at them up close, noticing the tiny ‘baskets’ around their legs where they would collect pollen. I loved the birds settling in the gutters, with their nest made of wildlife scraps wondering how they could build something so sophisticated. I loved watching spiders weave large intricate webs, even in the harshest of conditions. A couple of years ago I spotted a bumblebee unable to fly on the side of the road that I was walking on. I picked it up and it welcomed me back – it was an amazing feeling. Ever since then, I realized that nature is complex but beautiful, and so I decided to treat all creatures with kindness, showing no fear. So, all these intelligent creatures would catch my eye, and the more I noticed, the more I became enveloped, which lead to wanting. Even now I see people on TikTok become friends with wild animals – and seeing it is beautiful. That gave me ideas for pets I want to own someday.

  1. Raven

Other than being beautiful large birds, they are seriously smart. They can learn to speak human words and even sing songs! This is probably why that one raven freaked Edgar Allen Poe out. Not to mention, what better than to have a raven tattoo and a pet raven as well as The Raven being my favorite poem – it all just makes sense.

  1. Tarantula

I think some spiders can be adorable. Spiders are not that scary (until they disappear two seconds later, but that’s a different story). I want to own one because they’re fuzzy and I think they’d be a nice pet to have.

  1. Snake

I’ve already owned two snakes before and my gosh do I just want another one. I don’t understand how people can be afraid of them because the ones I owned just did their own thing. I even see people let their snakes roam free and saw a video of a ball python chilling on an armchair WATCHING TV. They are so stupidly adorable, I just can’t get enough, they are large boop noodles.

  1. Fox

They just look so soft and cuddly, and every time I see a video of one, they always have all this fun energy! They give off playful cat vibes with the energy of a God wanting to play fetch. Who could want more?

  1. Reptiles (frogs, geckos)

As an avid reptile lover, this is a dream of mine – to own several reptiles. And yes, I know, it’s VERY EXPENSIVE. I own a bearded dragon; I’ve had her for around six years, and she is eating up all my money. Even though they don’t have the same affectionate ways that cats and dogs offer, they love in their own way. My bearded dragon even cuddles with me, so why not geckos, frogs, and skinks? I think I should enlarge my collection.

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