Tyler's Take: Kourtney's Fat Secret

Our favorite bohemian vegan Kardashian sister, Kourtney, revealed to DailyMail that she drinks one spoonful of ghee, which is essentially butter, every morning. The 36-year old goddess insists that this “health” trick is a great way to intake the daily vitamins that one needs.

I did some of my own research on this fat source and uncovered that there is a slight difference between ghee and your average grease stick. According to LiveStrong.com, the production of ghee is entirely different, especially in South Asian and Indian cultures where ghee very much the norm. This preparation requires that your average butter be slimmed and the liquid residue be removed, while keeping in mind that the overall taste is based on the quality and source of the butter and milk. So essentially ghee is just this buttery liquid without the creamy milk taste? Whatever than means!


Listen I’m no chef or nutritionist, but all I know is that if Kourtney or any of the Kardashians, even MJ, told me that drinking a teaspoonful of magical butter every morning would give me even the slightest chance of resemblance to their sexy bods; I would be so down. I don’t care about the health benefits all I care about is that a Kardashian is doing it!